Binary Revolution Radio - 145 - IRC Daemons and YOU

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Giant thank you to droops for taking over the show last week, an explanation of heap overflows <a href=""> Shellcoders handbook </a> is a good reference, BR is a trekkie and has a klingon to english dictionary, BR's advice to would-be Internet radio jockies, sweden has some insane connection speeds <a href="">sweden isp</a>, supposed <a href=""> tax break </a> for isp customers, Zigman wrote his own shell, check out the <a href="">DDP blawg</a>, BR was published in 2600 and speaking at HOPE , the original irc daemon was <a href ="">ircd </a>, the first major spilt was to develop fnet, Undernet split from the original irc daemon, Dalnet split from undernet, commerical <a href=""> irc </a> server, binrev uses <a href =""> anope </a> for opserv, there are two daemons running the actual server and the service daemon, you cannot link different irc daemons, stop by #binrev on


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