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It seems to be hard to find a show every week and even harder to record a show, check out droops' site <a href=""></a>, droops' words of wisdom on how to record a internet radio show he suggests recording series of shows. <a href=""></a> is looking for more hosts. If you need hosting for a radio show check out podcast incubator, come over to #Infonomicon on freenode, droops went to <a href="">Notacon</a>, droops is having a baby, setting up <a href ="">edubuntu</a> boxes, 100th episode of twat this week with a special guest, <a href=""></a> has a new look, droops rants about working as a community, infonomicon computer club is building <a href="">podcast fertilizer</a> and <a href="">slasterisk </a> , slasterisk is very easy to use and configure, you need <a href="">slax linux</a> and a process emulator such as <a href="">qemu</a> if you don't want to burn a cd, build your own live cd from existing system with <a href="">linux live scripts</a>, you can find droops' presentation from notocon at, linux from scratch modify boot settings and other cool stuff, slax doesn't have frame buffer enabled by default. Linux live scripts need squashfs and unionfs to work correctly


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