Binary Revolution Radio - 143 - NotaCon Wrapup

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Strom's “supercomputer” fails to stream the show, Ponyboy and Kn1ghtlord both presented at Notacon, bellcore and binrev email accounts are being spammed, if interested in phishing check out <a href="">BRR episode 125</a>, update on the pay phone in the woods, check out <a href="">Bellcore Radio</a>, <a href="">Mojave payphone</a>, email about last weeks show mention tools such as <a href="">spywareblaster</a>, <a href="">spycatcher</a> ,<a href="">Windows Defender</a>, <a href="">Hitman Pro</a>, Email about UK challenge answering question about UK monetary system, an explanation of the UK phone system, <a href="">property taxes</a> Kn1ghtlord's new hobby lock picking, Ponyboy's urban exploration experience, BR is still Data mining, Kn1ghtlord and Ponyboy's notacon stories, droops lowtek and irongeek crashed at kn1ghtlord's house a couple of days before the con, there is no 13th floor in the hotel, Ponyboy's presentation was on the history of telecommunications, Kn1ghtlord's presentation was on Sonicwall, droops presented making your own linux live cd's, irongeek presented network printer hacking and <a href="">his presentation is up</a>, hackermedia panel on last day of con, irongeek droops lowtek and kn1ghtlord modded an airsoft gun Jason Scott presented History of podcasting, computer geeks don't have good hygiene according to BR, a few incidents happened at notacon including cars being broken into and theft, Notacon radio running <a href="">slasterisk</a> for call in line fm transmission and a live Internet stream.


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