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Saitou is the man with a <a href="">hacktv</a> plan, BinRev is not YET on newsstands, BinRev Radio will soon be up in .ogg too (.mp3 will still be there), <a href="">ogg vorbis</a> not under copyright unlike mp3, email from GIJoe, Stank's ass would not be a pretty site on a skateboard, will be hosted on a new host (4th or 5th "new" host), Stank putting his hand back in, Stank installs <a href="">kazaa lite</a>, riaa is teh sux0r, hacktv talk, a format, my kingdom for a format, <a href="">divx</a> with spyware!?, real topics?!, longhorn has been once again delayed, hmm, this is fishy..., <a href="">netscape</a> needs to get their act together, <a href="">firebird</a> is the bomb yo, integration = bad?, hack youg dawg, war-<a href="">AIBO</a>-ing, hack the spammers, 9000 out of 13000 of Stank's work emails are spam, double edged media attention sword, <a href=",12543,484611-4,00.html">MP3/RIAA/CD techonology timeline</a> from popular science magazine, $40 blank cd, $20000 cd burner, dvd burners for $150 (hac got his for 120), Stankmobile?!, <a href="">napster</a> w00t, expensive equipment, Saitou setting up <a href="">Oracle</a> while recording, IDS (Intrusion Detection Systems) vs. IPS (Intrusion Prevention Systems), if you break into a server, accept you may get busted, shouts to Saitou187.


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