Binary Revolution Radio - 141 - Bioinformatics

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When bad servers attack, BlackRatchet explains his troubles connecting to Stroms computer, An explanation of Murphy's law, Toll free number now routes to the correct places if someone calls during the show it routes to Dr. Zigman if someone calls any other time it routes to voicemail, Free world dialup number at 758103 The UK call in number has been verified as working, Zigman is getting close to finishing his search engine, email about <a href="">polyphasic sleep</a>, BR rants about his Data mining experiences, explanation of <a href="">Bioinformatics</a>, DNA sequencing and genetic mapping @ <a href="">Genbank</a>, <a href="">Perl</a> and Python used in gene sequencing, bioinfomatics tools <a href="">vigyaan cd</a>, some serious hardware used Bigben, hp alpha clusters, <a href="">chemfinder</a>, good resource for lab writeups, Layer 1 and Notacon coming up soon


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