Binary Revolution Radio - 139 - Honeypots

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Show goes off topic quickly with the archives and lube. Strom swears to update the archives in a more timely manner. Discussion about hard drive space. Beave gets called out on the air. <a href="">Bart PE</a> is a stripped down version of Windows that acts as a livecd. Beave has been working on his <a href="">iWar project</a>. <a href="">Honeypot</a> was coined from <a href="">"Winnie the Pooh"</a>. <a href="">UML</a> is a safe way to help secure your Linux box. It doesn't take long to have a honeypot set up; Check out the <a href="">Debian kernel</a>. A few questions regarding exploits, vulnerabilities, and SSH. You may want to create your own image for your honeypot to target certain exploits that interest you.


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