Binary Revolution Radio - 135 - Valentine's Day Special

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BlackRatchet is off to cover the olympics and Richard (Subzero1037) joins the show. A check on Dr^Zigman's love life. Richard is working on starting up a new conference. Some difficulty with the phones. A background of what <ahref="">Geek Love Radio</a> is all about. Girls do like geeks, but it may take them time to come around. Discussion on left brain vs right brain, and how that plays into meeting new people. Contrary on how <a href="">beer goggles</a> enhances looks; a bar is not a place to meet someone if your looking for a relationship. Myspace could be a great way to meet people, but be <ahref="">careful</a> who you meet in real life from myspace. Be nice to the fat and ugly girls; they will get you dates later on with their hot friend. Pre-register for <a href="">layer one</a>.


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