Binary Revolution Radio - 133 - IRC - part 2

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Dionized water isn't conductive, but don't stick your hand in there. We have more pad puns than "Airplane". New acronyms are created that love to FUX. A request for any lawyers out there that would like to be on the show to answer questions. Battle of the <a href="">periodic tables</a>. BlackRatchet plans on "ricing" out the next phone he gets. Be prepared to lay down about $350 or so on a high tech phone. SPAM with commercial email?? Dr^Zigman is twitching to get his search engine online, and dares for hackers to break it. The astronauts at the ISS have thrown out a <a href="">device</a> for anyone to pick up the frequency. mIRC is the most widely used chat client, but there are many others out there for free use. IRC has a great learning curve. XChat is out there and is compatible with almost every platform. BR gets hounded about the code for "HoundDawg".


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