Binary Revolution Radio - 132 - Live Miscellany

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BRR now has a new call in number for live show,1-888-9-BINREV (246738). KyleL informs us about getting people's docs through Progessive Insurance. BinRev has been listed as a 31337 h4x0r site, pjeer. Elf calls in with a question about step switches, and other telco related topics. Ladies should begin stalking Irongeek. A new Live CD is out, and help keeps you anonymous. <a href="">Interz0ne</a>,and <a href=">Notacon</a> are coming up within the next few months. Strom begins twitching over an email, and trouble with the mute button. Question about BPL (Broadband Over Power Lines); the future of BPL. djmollusk reminds us about the DPP/BR logo <a href="">contest</a>. Submit pay phone numbers to <a href="">Bells Mind</a> and <a href="">YAPL</a>.


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