Binary Revolution Radio - 131 - Amateur Radio and YOU

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Irongeek writes in with a good email about <a href="">Free Basic</a>, <a href="">Basic compilers</a>, and WiFi different modes. A Verizon store employee stopped working for NotTheory, and hosed him to their Data Support. Brief history of Amateur radio. The HAM license test is not entirely hard, but if you don't use it; you lose it. Ratchet used to hear the MIR station with his radio. There are legal issues you may need to look into for your area. You can't curse, play music, encrypt your signal without posting your PGP. Bit of advice, listen for a bit before you begin broadcasting. Good manuals to study with are from the <a href="">W5YI Group</a>. Interested in taking your <a href="">HAM test</a>?


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