Binary Revolution Radio - 129 - Recording your own radio show

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droops is spending "quality" time with his hot wife, and lowtek_mystik joins the show. Demonstration of the vicious beeping of death. Be sure to check out Ninja Night School</a>. BlackRatchet loses a bet; thus having to appear on webcam in <a href="">chaps</a>. Kn1ghtl0rd will be speaking at <a href="">NOTACON</a> as well as other Binary Revolution members. Basic explanation on how the BRR call ins work. Strom may be looking into doing a <a href="">TWAT</a> soon.Check out <a href="">Audacity</a> for an audio editor and recording program. Don't be afraid to mess up doing a pre-recorded show. Check out <a href="">Josh in Japan</a>. If you don't have a good connection; don't try and shout out your site, resistance is futile. Strom will be speaking at <a href="">LayerOne</a>. Always be sure to listen to <a href=">Podcast Incubator</a>.


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