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Gentoo, Gentoo, Gentoo, iPods, iPods, iPods, asterisk, asterisk, asterisk, MUSHROOM MUSHROOM. <a href="">Bert the Turtle</a> says, <a href="">"Duck and Cover"</a> during a nuclear attack. Be sure to check out these cool programs: <a href="">Konfabulator</a>,and <a href="">Asterisk</a>.<a href="">Firefox</a>has more extensions than a ghetto hooker. <a href="">Thunderbird</a>is like the Firefox version for email. For an alternative email client check out <a href= "">PINE</a>.Old school web browsers'; <a href="">w3m</a>, Lynx</a>, and <a href="">Links</a>. Mention on several different photo editing programs like GIMP, Photoshop, and others. A few networkprograms are mentioned; <a href="">Ethereal</a>, Look@LAN</a>, and <a href="">Cain and Abel</a>. Password crackers are next on the clock; <a href="">John the Ripper</a> and <a href="">l0phtcrack</a>. Congrats to Dr^Zigman, the newest member of the DDP.


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