Binary Revolution Radio - 119 - The First Live Episode

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Welcome to BinRev's first live broadcast. Call in number is 1-800-732-0442 or 213-415-1047. The StankDawg simulator is up and running; BlackRatchet seems to be overjoyed with his new toy. Colleges still leaving student's passwords on default. 10nix from <a href="">Hacker Voice Radio</a> is the first caller. livended joins the show and speaks about <a href="">Gentoo</a>. LowTeK_mYsTiK shares his experience at <a href="">PhreakNic 9</a>. IronGeek calls in to talk about <a href="">Cain</a>. DOSman set up a AS400 at PhreakNic to let people play around with, and gave away a few DVD's to Packet Sniffers</a>. Also gives a hint as to what he's working on for Packet Sniffer's. Brief discussion on the time zones/daylight savings. <a href="">Diguim</a> has come out with their new 24 port card. Check it out <a href="">here</a>.


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