Binary Revolution Radio - 113 - Meetings

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the kid learns pr0n is not a family event. Perl isn't the greatest to learn, but more useful in other areas. Pay Phone prices unlikely to go down. Black Ratchet shouts to a book he's reading <a href=>"Crypto"</a>.Suggestions on how to fix iPod screens with scratches. Meet your fellow hackers by going to meetings. 2600 meetings possibly started in 1990. Strom knows how to tattoo potatoes. The whole CatSex came out of L.A. Be sure to check out <a href="">L.A.'s 2600 Meeting.</a> 2600 has their own meetings; also check out the <a href="">BinRev</a> and <a href="">DefCon</a> meetings. Amateur radio users check out <a href="">ARRL</a>.


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