Binary Revolution Radio - 109 - Perl

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Strom has been arrested so he wont be here this week. How To pwn Korea. This week we have a nice Juicy, meaty computer topic tonight. Acall to the Walmart Intercom. RantRadio will be pulling binary revolution episodes from the rss feed, which makes things easy but RantRadio may be a week behind. DDP hack radio: it's where its at!Black Ratchet talks a little about BSD. Shell Coders Handbook is agreat book! Tonight, it's all about <Ahref="">Perl</A> . <Ahref="">"Developers,Developers, Developers!"</A>. <Ahref="">Robert's Perl tutorial</A> and "pick up perl" gets the BlackRatchet perl tutorial seal of approval. The #binrev bot, HoundDawg was written in perl. Modules are extremely useful and save tons of time.CPAN is teh Shizzle!


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