Binary Revolution Radio - 108 - Starting in Hacking

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Strom coming back from <A href="">LinuxWorld</A>. GIJoe joins BR and Strom today. TelcoBob is the new noteshmuck. Strom is Hot <3. Strom and the Men of Defcon calender. Shoutout to people who enjoy Nipple claps. we have a 12 year old listener.GSM delays. last weeks content i.o.u. HOPE by phone. BinRev gets a poem from excalibur. Can you smell your ownpoop? Strom Carlson can. Strom risks his life and that of others to bring you BinRev radio. BR and his Harry Potter experience. Whatis/isn't hacking? Hacking is Zen like. Linux is a great learning tool.People seem to like <A href="">Ubuntu</A>.Will Strom get to LA on time? (da da daaaa)


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