Binary Revolution Radio - 107 - Post DEFCON Zombie Review

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Post <a href="">Defcon</a> Zombie show. Send us some technical email questions. No more fucking bleeps for BinRev. SAP now available for BR radio for the sarcasm impaired. Trouble with iPods, iTunes, and other <a href="">podcasting issues</a>.Young Pakistani girl <a href="">prodigy</a> pwn3s Microsoft. Young guns under 13 email in next week,Run down on DefCon by phone; Strom loves run-on sentences. Schedule changes at the last minute for DefCon presentations. Strom new media whore, <a href="">Hacker Mayhem</a>. BinRev Sushi Field trip <a href="http://">pics</a>. Congrats to SerialKiller76 for winning the <a href="">Scavenger Hunt</a>. A bunch of phreaks participated in the impromptu speed dialing game. Ratchet got a head cold in Vegas, science surrenders. Can't record DefCon talk, ask nice and Strom and BlackRatchet; they may be nice enough to hold the topic on BinRev. Crypto Goddess <a hreg="">Elonka</a> stopped by. Call in portion of the Asterisk Talk. Run down on a few other presentations. Strom lost his keys in the endless arm of a couch. Call in line for BR Radio 213-415-1047.


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