Binary Revolution Radio - 106 - Con Survival 101

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Binary Revolution Radio, it's digital madness. binrev homework: Build a <A href="">Stankdawg</A> sound board. Strom likes Napoleon dynamite. Strom and BR will be giving a presentationat <A href="">Defcon</A>, be there or be square.<A href="">WECo</A> phones are built to take it. people like the new hosts. I'll sue your penises! email any suggestions, comments, or technical questions to radio +$AT_SIGN Binrev is an equal opportunity radio show. email from StankDawg. Strom is a waffle connoisseur. The Pornographicalphabet. Subzero, Epiphany, and Johnny lightning join Strom and Black Ratchet discuss con survival tips. Be wary of chinese buffets in vegas.don't pass out at Defcon. Business cards are cool! Defcon by phone.


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