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hacnslash receives buttload of SoBig, linux on dreamcast <a href="">links</a>, Stank's machine dies again, xp is total crap, Stank is wide open, f**k Microsoft!, serial killer node names, Stank talks about his 2600 meeting, <a href="">BinRev 1.2 out</a>!!!, logan5 has been working his ass off, BinRev printed at Kinko's, logan5 uses only macs, BinRev produced on macs, macs can pretty much run any software, Stank wants to buy an iBook, no mac clones, macs do not loose value like pc's, <a href="">virtualpc</a> aquired by Microsoft, can you say abandonware?!, would Microsoft buy SCO?, iMacs saved <a href="">Apple</a>, macs pretty much do it all, autodetection, your next paycheck may be a debit card, cost saving screws employees, IT departments do not make money, it is neccessary though, near future headline: credit/debit card fraud coming, consumers say f**k you!, dumbass gets busted at Kinko's, never hack from a public place....DUH!!, if you're in a public place, you're in a public place....DUH!!, little brothers are watching, shouts to logan5's girl, shouts to decoder. note from StankDawg: Great <a href="">forum post</a> by djmollusk with more links to running linux on sega dreamcast.


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