Binary Revolution Radio - 009 - RFID Jammer

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Stank becomes a log dawg, and techtv stop by, thanks to sesrun and kl3ptic, pimp the show, no-call list shut out, for now, check out <a href="">GAMERadio</a>, <a href="">hacktv</a> pilot gets more hits than <a href="">binrev radio</a>, RFID jammer under 1 watt legal?, Stank back in school: cyberlaw, YOU WILL NEVER STOP P2P, <a href="magazine/1.2/1.2.html">binrev 1.2</a> out, <a href="">best-buy insecurities</a>, best-buy following people around..., mut3 scares ppl, mut3 goes to office depot/max, password on TOP of monitor, <a href="">SoBig</a> is still in force, jail-1337-salad, hush money to hackers?!, are we missing out?!, don't hack from inside your own country, powerline broadband, shouts to logan5 (WB to the forums too), mut3 taking a hiatus, we kids need to grow, pause the hacking, school comes first! shouts to <a href="">interzone</a>!


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