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stank's laptop DOA, ntheory in the hooouusse, total blackout sends email, RFID jamming legal?, oldskool hacking, ntheory hacks <a href="">packet8</a>, packet8 not big on security, ntheory does <a href="">defcon 11</a>, h2k4 not gonna be called h2k4 but it WILL happen, 20th anniversary of <a href="">2600</a>, <a href="">haxxxor</a> movie, <a href="">mcdonalds wireless</a> directory transversal, sophisticated spam with 1337-5p33k?!, FILTERS!!!, ntheory's <a href="">DDP phreaktools</a>, ntheory does NOT have a <a href="">walmart</a>!!, superK is teh sU(k, PWF is chugging along, Stank discusses about <a href="">interzone conference</a>, xp and office integration, ascii text is teh r0x0rz!, don't do stupid stuff, <a href="">SoBig</a> is teh virus!, go to <a href="">2600 meetings</a>, ntheory gives shouts, shouts to mut3, big donkey dick shouts to MediaMisfit for site redesign. note from StankDawg: I will probably get tons of wierd log hits from people searching for "donkey dick" after these show notes. *sigh*


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