Binary Revolution Radio - 104 - 2 year anniversary show

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The origins of all that is <a href="">The Binary Revolution</a>,Special thanks to each and everyone with an inquisitive nature ,A walk down memorylane begins... <a href="">W1nt3rmut3</a> talksabout hosting <a href="">RFA</a>,'>">RFA</a>, Froma couple hundred to a several thousand listeners, <a href="">BlackRatchet</a> questto find <a href="">theforums</a>, "Sister Shocker"?, <a href="">Acidus</a> andfilming <a href="">Hacktv 2</a>, Pooling each others <a href="">talents</a>,Random <a href="">web rings</a>, As I was going to <a href="">St.Ives</a> I met a <a href="">Dawg</a> with seven wives,Radio FreeKnowledge America, <a href="">RAX</a> calls outthe BinRev Empire, Female listener count up to two, <a href="">Theruckus</a> that comes with <a href="">Natas</a>,Stank's show novels, Getting a <a href="">Strawberrycolada</a> on <a href="">Bukkake</a> Lane, <a href="">Dougthe engineer</a> comments on hosting <a href="">BRR</a>,Doug's vibrator, <a href="">The Double Deuce</a> fuxz0rsthe <a href="">numbering scheme</a>,With the end of <a href="">RFA</a> comesthe beginning of <a href="">Default Radio</a>, Thediabolical genius's <a href="">Klondikecommercial</a>, "Give me that big hard drive", decoder's amateur hour, Sugarfrosted <a href="">Tron</a>-0swith <a href="">docs dropped</a> in <a href="">everybox</a>, <a href="">Bland_inquisitor</a> provesyou can never unplug in this game, Can't turn on the computer but dripping with <a href="">1337</a>,VooduHAL has been creeping people out with his lurking, Attending as many <a href="">cons</a> <a href="">as</a> <a href="">possible</a>, <a href="">Screwdriver</a> review by dual_parallel, Best of wishes to Kondor, There is no greyline when it comes to real life, In the words of <a href="">SuSE</a> "HaveFun", <a href="">Nottheory</a> <a href="">sacfree</a> <a href="">phj33rn355</a>,Pancake poop and the <a href="">crap ninjas</a>,Various outakes, <a href="">StankDawgis unplugging</a>, But wait there's more...


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