Binary Revolution Radio - 102 - Making your own music

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Dear StankDawg who was the Co-host of episode 102?, <a href="">Collecting</a> <a href="">hacker</a> <a href="">magazines</a>, For those of you keeping track <a href=""></a> is now on the BinRev server, Zearle <a href="">most listened to song</a> is oddly enough the <a href="">most unwanted</a> by down-loaders, <a href=",39024882,39131370,00.htm">Google Wallet</a> looking to take some of <a href="">Paypals</a> business, Improper use of <a href="">Google maps</a>, Google maps <a href=",-81.549110&spn=0.138187,0.158958&t=k&hl=en">vacations</a>, <a href="">API hacking</a> Google maps, Merging <a href="">Google Groups</a> with <a href="">Usenet</a>, Getting a second opinion from <a href="">other search engines</a>, VoIP + zaurus = 1337 rehashed, <a href="">America getting left behind</a> in the <a href="">technology race</a>, Of the <a href="">corporation</a> by the <a href="">corporations</a> for the corporation, <a href="">Wichita Kansas</a> <a href="">2600 meeting</a>, McDonald's enigma machine, Education in general and changing the world, Zearle's music background, Why hackers typically have a lack of funds, Sharing your music with <a href="">the</a> <a href="">Internet</a>, Computer audio hardware, The Corporate music industry, Truly underground music, <a href="">Song fight!</a>, Supporting Zearle's music, Hackers and Crackers 2.0, <a href=""></a>


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