Binary Revolution Radio - 101 - OSS DB vs commercial DB

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There are some very big changes in store for season 3, Hopefully someone has compiled a StankDawg soundboard for episode 104, <a href="">This day in history</a> one Mr. StankDawg started the first ever <a href="">BinRev meeting</a>, DDP Phreak toys may be coming back, The crappy-ness of the Craptacular, If you don't have the <a href="">gift of gab</a>, either kiss the <a href=",%20Ireland%20-%20Mike%20kissing%20Blarney%20Stone.jpg">Blarney Stone</a> or practice your <a href="">SEing</a>, Taking advantage of the <a href="">time you got</a>, Using <a href="">nphproxy</a> and <a href="">https</a> to get around <a href="">internet censorship</a>, With the help of <a href="">Yahoo's</a> <a href="">Mindset</a> you know longer have to add the search term -"corporate greed", <a href="">Yahoo</a> and <a href="">Google</a> comparison, Krieg <a href="">Schei├čen</a>, <a href="">Phreak Phactor</a> podcast, The revolution will be a <a href="">sausage fest</a>, Meet Stank at <a href="">DefCon</a> after his <a href="">presentation</a>, Alphabet-soup and annoyance of corporate life, Stank's hard drive problems, <a href="">HackTV</a> could possibly... maybe, but not definitely... be released before DefCon, <a href="">SQL</a> <a href="">battle</a> <a href="">royal</a>, Microsoft software is trailing behind open source, <a href="">Nottheory</a>'s seal of approval goes to PostgreSQL, <a href="">GUIs</a> are <a href="">nice</a> but the CLI shows you know your stuff, Real databases require <a href="">RAID</a>, MySQL has more <a href="">support</a> but PostgreSQL has more technical <a href="">support</a>, Benchmarks LIE!!!, SQL is sql is sQl no matter how you spell it, <a href="">Plsql</a>, <a href="">tsql</a>, and <a href="">plpgsql</a>, MySQL uses the <a href="">GPL</a> whereas PostgreSQL uses the <a href="">BSD license</a>, Choosing an appropriate DB solution, <a href=""></a> / <a href=""></a>


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