Binary Revolution Radio - 100 - Telephonic Craptacular 4

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The pilot process of the Telephonic Craptacular is over, and the new name of the show is <a href="">Phreak Phactor</a>, Forget <a href="">dueling banjos</a> heres some dueling <a href="">IVRs</a>, Social Engineering Spammers, Getting permission for the Craptacular, Free directory assistance from <a href="">Telus</a> 1(800)646-0000, <a href="">Lucky</a> blows <a href="">2600</a> to sieze the trunc in <a href="">Wawina Minnesota</a> and get the time 1(218)488-8463, Decoder's 9 trillion number 1(248)771-0023, One two three four five six seven eight nine 1(229)430-0002, The <a href="">n00b</a> error message 1(563)427-9000, Pr0n line 1(800)944-9992, You have dialed the offices of (insert name here) 1(765)384-9999, Not yet connected 1(313)849-9999, Scanning 9999, Hello is this the intersection of 13th and 37th street 1(570)387-0007, Send your scans to <a href="">OldSkoolPhreak</a> or <a href="">Bellsmind</a>, Reach out and touch the past 1(570)387-0000, <a href="">Bell Atlantic</a> don't play no games, <a href="">Black Ratchet's</a> <a href="">asterisk</a> <a href="">nmap</a> <a href="">script</a>, Craptastic easter eggs, VoIP is heading down a <a href="">slippery slope</a>, <a href="">GoDaddy</a> employees don't agree with their own <a href="">policies</a>, Stanks <a href="">America Idol</a> submission


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