Binary Revolution Radio - 007 - BRR How-To

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time to send in binrev 1.3 articles, jawga mirroring <a href="">binrev radio</a> and <a href="">rfa</a>, <a href=""></a> pimp, <a href="">rfa</a> reaches 76th ep, the history of rfa, how to make a radio show: for a radio show you need the right people, their location is important too, get good equipment, good speaker phone, generic mic, the more people on, the worse the sound quality, decent pc (faster than a p133), integrated sound blows, good software can be free, <a href="">audacity</a> rox0rs, cable or dsl for streaming, and <a href="">winamp 2.91</a> (NOT 3!!!), make sure you have enough time, shownotes!!, dual swallows a bug, have fun dammit!!!, <a href="">blaster worm</a> strikes, chaos in Stank's workplace, cyberterrorism - be afraid, be very f**king afraid, people are convenience whores, less waste more pr0n, shouts to mut3, get yo edumacation brotha!


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