Binary Revolution Radio - 098 - Amateur satellite radio

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<a href="">w1nt3rmut3</a> in DA House, Hot off the press <a href="">Phreak Phactor</a> is climbing the charts, <a href="">Gmail</a> has been doing an adequate job of keeping your email <a href="">spam free</a>, Digital command line <a href="">lexical</a>, VMS is a <a href="">secure</a> OS plus its obscure (which is not a substitute for security, but it certainly doesn't hurt), Clustered <a href="">vms shell accounts</a>, <a href=""></a> bounce <a href="">checking</a>, The non painful type of <a href="">brute force</a> in use at bars, Math is everywhere, Discussion about electronic locks, The Nazi's left there enigma machine on default, <a href="">Free software</a> works better then <a href="">closed source software</a>, Take some time off every once and a while, w1nt3rmut3 lights Stank's fire on <a href="">amateur radio</a>, Amateur radio licenses, <a href="">Morse code</a> may eventually be taken off the test, Studying for the test remember you only need a D to pass, Stay away from <a href="">pirate radio</a>, The <a href="">mecca of ham fests</a> has all sorts of <a href="">interesting people</a>, Don't trust a seller unless you can fix what you're buying, <a href="">Radio Mods</a>, <a href="">Find a club</a> in your area, Amateur radio over <a href="">VoIP</a>, <a href="">Listen</a> to w1nt3rmut3 first ep of <a href="">RFA</a>, <a href="">Geosynchronous orbit</a> and the <a href="">Ionosphere</a>, <a href="">Tracking</a> the <a href="">satellite</a>, Equipment for terrestrial radio and Radio in <a href="">SPAAAAAAACE</a>!!!, Amateur radio <a href="">field day</a>, <a href=""></a>


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