Binary Revolution Radio - 097 - Eavesdropping on Asterisk

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we open with Pr0p3r 8ri7i5h accents, Natas live and on location in the streets of NYC, Security Certificates does not a Hacker make, <a href="">Alexis Park</a> is sold out for the <a href="">DefCon</a> weekend, Hardware Hacking is an invaluable hacker skill, Caller ID has its valid uses, No matter how <a href="">secure</a> a <a href="">programming</a> language is a "Programmer" will find a way to put a hole in their app, You're never to young to use <a href="">old</a> <a href="telnet://">tech</a>, Background on <a href="">Digital Command Language</a>, Why buy one good C programmer when you can get five VB programmers, Good programmers and sys admins are always in demand, Learn the fundamentals and you will become adaptable, Don't be like Lucky225 Don't overuse 1337 5p34k, Google API/python based <a href="">pen testing tool</a>, Giving your registrar the run around and keeping your privacy at no cost to oneself, VoIP sniffing and security through proprietary VoIP codecs, <a href="">Cain and Abel</a> <a href="">functionality</a> and <a href="">demos</a>, Linux VoIP <a href="">packet player</a>, Packet manipulation <a href="">tool</a>, <a href="">Monitor</a> calls on your PBX, <a href="">Caller</a> <a href="">ID</a> that is more powerful than a locomotive, Find Natas at DefCon and win your very own <a href="">OldSkoolPhreak</a> sticker, <a href="">CheapoVegas</a>


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