Binary Revolution Radio - 095 - Google Accelerator

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Listen up all you <a href="">rapscallions</a> and <a href="">ne'er-do-wells</a> its time for another episode of <a href="">BinRev Radio</a>, <a href="">Phreak Phactor</a> will be up for download but there will be suckage, New age verification for pr0n sites: Who is <a href="">Snidely Whiplash</a>?, <a href=""></a> has been moved to the BinRev server, Looking back at the programming episode, Don't wait until you are caught up on the shows to join the IRC, <a href="">Never cross the stream</a>, but feel free to <a href="">rip it</a>, foreign language 1337 speak contest, Episode 100 will be the last Telephonic Carptacular, DDP Hack Radio needs an Anime show, Because 1337 has been seen in the pop culture, 1337 has been replaced with <a href="">CATSEX</a></a>, Programming TI Basic is not a valid career path, <a href="">.net radio show</a>, Stank's server specs, Visual Basic. net is object oriented, Play the <a href="">Hack TV guessing game</a>, New <a href="">YAPL</a> pheature: Auto submit, <a href="">Google Web Accelerator</a> makes the assumption that there servers are the fastest, and when you make an assumption you make an "ass" out of "u" and "mption", You are doing Google's work for them, <a href="">Grub</a> is a different type of distributing computing project, Google doesn't seem to care about the users security, Protecting your privacy from an individual is one thing, but there is something wrong when you have to protect your privacy from corporations, Free <a href="">SSL certificate</a>, Catch a Google spider and win a copy of <a herf="">BinRev magazine</a>, <a href="">Poor man's WiFi</a>


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