Binary Revolution Radio - 094 - Programming languages

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The first <a href="">Phreak Phactor</a> went as planned and was indeed a success, The following email's have been edited for time and content, The RIAA is trying to <a href="">lock down</a> the <a href="">Internet 2</a>, I2 has a fair amount of restrictions to <a href="">become a member</a>, According to the Can Boobs act section 15.43.9 all the ladies must attach <a href="">pics of themselves and or hot friends</a> when sending email, Walkthrough of different programming languages, <a href="">Basic</a> sucks and stay away from "goto", Unlike batch files <a href="">shell scripting</a> is incredible useful, And the hackers language of choice is <a href="">PERL</a>, Perl could be a scripting language or a programming language, <a href="">Assembly</a> is still being used and usually pays better, but be prepared to work your ass off, Assembly will provide you with an excellent understanding of how a computer works, <a href="">Pascal</a> is generally not seen in the job market, <a href="">Fortran</a> is excellent for scientific related programming, <a href="">Cobol</a> holds the record for <a href="">longest "Hello World"</a> ever, <a href="">Reporting</a> <a href="">languages</a>, <a href="">SQL</a> is very universal, but there are different flavors, Hackers underutilize SQL, <a href="">Linux kernel is written in C</a> for a reason, For a language that is suppose to be <a href="">write once run anywhere</a> it sure has a <a href="">lot</a> <a href="">of different</a> <a href="">versions</a> <a href="">of Java</a>, <a href="">Visual languages</a> has the largest job market, <a href="">DLL hell</a>, <a href="">PHP</a> is SQL and/or Perl for the web, Whatever language you choose to learn to program with, learn the fundamental concepts, <a href=""></a></p></td>


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