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Because you didn't want to know <a href="">Sacfree boxers</a>, <a href="irc://">IRC</a> has changed servers to <a href=""></a>, Updates to <a href="">Bellsmind</a>, Stank is planning a SE episode of BinRev, < BR > can't be owned by any one person, The Windows OS will find a way to report back to Microsoft, Does anybody listen to the old episodes of <a href="">BRR</a> that are on the <a href="">Bellsmind</a> PBX?, Fixing callerID, You mean <a href="Http://">data</a> <a href="Http://">centers</a> don't<a href="Http://">look</a> <a href="Http://">like</a> they did in the movie <a href="">Hackers</a>?, <a href="">Tinyurl</a> hacks, Developing a better tinyurl system, BinRev meetings in the works, If I have to hear one more hacker soda discussion I am going to buy a controlling share of <a href="">Dr. Pepper</a> stock, <a href="">< BR > magazine</a> needs more electronic articles, <a href="">Lantronix</a> developer kit, Advice on submitting electronics related articles, Additional tips on fighting traffic tickets, Recommended reading "<a href="">Poker Without Cards</a>", Brief description of some starter programming languages, <a href=""></a> software only works if the internet is working and the op doesn't feel like disconnecting you, The weekly SystemShocker email may be coming to an end, New <a href="">radio show</a> dubbed <a href="">Phreak Phactor</a>, Feel free to give suggestions for the show, Stank reads out the names of people in irc.


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