Binary Revolution Radio - 092 -Traffic tickets

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Default number of listeners to <a href="">DDP HackRadio</a> increased, Don't forget to check out the <a href="irc://">IRC</a> during the show, Internet troubleshooting software that requires the internet to work, <a href="">AVG Free</a> is deleting <a href="">Distributed Dot Net</a> clients, People are afraid of viruses and Tablet PC users suffer, Making serious announcements on April first is generally a bad idea, <a href="">Addicted to the forums</a>, get help by visiting our <a href="">support site</a>, Drinking your <a href="">Dr Pepper</a> hot, Don't expect to see a CEH from the DDP anytime soon, Breaking news from <a href="">slick0</a>, Donating to Decoder to get him a good lawyer would be like trying to catch a shark with a piece of rye <a href="">bread</a>, Laws don't mean anything if enough people disregard them, Mail forwarding security measures, The <a href="">Artscene Radio Talk Show</a>, Myths about getting out of a speeding ticket, The Officer filled out the ticket incorrectly, Trial by declaration, Radar under judicial review, Cops always show up for traffic tickets, Tricks cops use to get you to admit guilt, Always sign everything "All rights reserved", Requesting a change of venue, Recommended reading <a href="">"Beat Your Ticket: California"</a>, <a href=""></a>, <a href="">Porting</a> <a href="">Toneloc</a> to <a href="">Linux</a>


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