Binary Revolution Radio - 091 - WEP Cracking

About This File

<a href="">VoIP</a> is <a href="">not</a> <a href="">ready</a> for the consumer market, <a href="">CRIME HITS THE GLOBAL INTERWEB!!!</a>, The only news source on TV <a href="">worth trusting</a> is the only news source that tells you <a href="">its fake</a>, <a href="">Advertisers</a> have ruined everything they gets there hands on, The reason the community is not up in arms yet for Decoder, Sending letters to Decoder through Lucky225, The letters will not be private, BinRev is being blocked by school filters, <a href="">The Scene</a> is to <a href="">Teh Scene</a> as <a href="">Reefer Madness</a> is to __________, Stanks back on the sweet ice tea <a href="">wagon</a>, Diabolic Genius tip of the week: Using your credit card properly, No more free shipping for the <a href="">Mag</a>, T-shirts available in XL, The intro pack and T-shirts comes with free swag, Aol no longer supports Newsgroups, AOL is also trying to get into the VoIP market, Google has the only backup of Usenet, <a href="">Netspend</a> is claiming they need customers SSN, When it comes to <a href="">weak</a> <a href="">packets</a> the more the better, WEP can be <a href="">cracked</a> in no <a href="">time</a> at all, Google mining <a href="">Bell South</a>, <a href=""></a>


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