Binary Revolution Radio - 006 - RFID

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winner of notes announced, winner is hacnslash(young kid strikes again), Stank gets even more spam, squirt good, cream bad, shownotes important, email from Cr4X, email from jawga, RFID under <a href="">part 15 of FCC rules</a>, mut3 talks about the 2.4 Ghz spectrum, jamming it up should not be that hard, new forum software, Stank f**king hates <a href="">realmedia</a>, realmedia is evil, Mystery Science Theatre 3000 r0x0rz, nick84 sends Stank tape of George Orwell documentary, hacktv finally on the way, howard berman = f**knut of the century, upload a song - go to federalpoundmeintheassprison, Stank saw the <a href=""></a> commercial again, Stank goes on rant (<a href="">again</a>), shouts, leave feedback dammit!!


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