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Internets is fun

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You are an amazing thing Internets. A few times now I've been on the front end of some stuff that shows the Internet's before recently in the scheme of human life unharnessable by the average person power. I found the Disney/ABC's VP of Media Relations and posted his cell and home number, then the conversation with me while he was golfing regarding the Ron Paul snub on the very first web poll snub that outraged the Internets last April. ABC was flooded and actually issued a public apology. Not that it mattered in the long run. It became common, but that first time there were millions of kids it seemed that couldn't believe a presidential candidate was actually being snubbed like that. That one something a couple years ago that became a rather large deal over at the site that goes unmentioned (rule 1). Found a guy that stole some stuff from a guy's mom in #binrev (Lunarsphere). Turned out the guy was easy to find, and had a warrant. Turns out his building was using an unsecured web cam. Watching a raid is fun.

Well, recently I was watching Hannity and Colmes and I saw something that was pretty stunning. Bill Cowan said he "Has been on a lot of VIP trips as a Fox News guy", and that the Pentagon paid for it.

I was floored. I couldn't believe I just heard what I did. Cowan isn't stupid, someone pissed him off. This guy is probably the most famous hostage rescue specops guy there is. Anyway, it was on the front page of the social sites, number one on reddit, and the video has been found.



If I wasn't on the watch list before, I am now. :P

Internets, you can has cookie.

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