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I have never asked anyone to marry me...

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If you see, hear or read anything else, it isn't true. I bought a ring. That is true. I mentioned marriage as an option to discuss (along with me moving to another country and continuing a long-distance relationship). That is true. I never proposed or offered marriage to anyone. It would have been the worst mistake that I ever made. Luckily, I did not make that mistake. Anyone who thinks otherwise is delusional. I have avoided discussing the details out of respect for privacy, but I am certainly not going to let people spread lies about me either. I will still keep my personal life private, but if someone else makes it public, then I will respond with the truth.

That "never proposed" thing might change next year if things keep going well with my current girlfriend. ;)

That is all.

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Eh, ok...I don't even know you but all I hear around where I live is how you are getting married next summer. Everyone is staying how Stankdawg is marrying so and so. I guess I should tell them it isn't true.


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