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  2. When I installed it I entered "root" and I got into the prompt. Entered setup to get a static IP configuration, and tried to configure the Xwindows so I could use the GUI. Because i have this on a VMware vmachine, I don't know what driver it could take, so it would test then say it failed.
  3. From having basic exp with UNIX, it's trying to run a window program to function the GUI. In this case it would be Xwindows.
  4. Thats fine... thanks though! I appreciate it!
  5. Sorry, I don't know offhand, I'll have to look when I get home.
  6. I’ll definitely give that a try. But first I have to figure out why I’m getting this “no screens found” error. I swear I’ve had non stop problems trying to get this system to run! But that’s my luck lol While you’re here... could you tell me where that liscencing script is located that I have to change or add a new script? And how you got around it?
  7. It asked me when I installed it. If you don't have the password, just set it yourself from the root account with "passwd sa"
  8. Hmmm. I didn’t set a password for that when things were installing. Is that a user I have to add myself? Or is there a default password for that user?
  9. sa is AUDIX's equivalent of the cust account.
  10. May I please handle this? Thank you! We are mostly Developers, System Administrators, and Analysts. Linux can send a 3000 page Office Document like a champ. Bits are transparent moving across the physical wire. I'd wager one year's professional salary Linux boxes move more Word Documents than Windows platforms. Are you Recptionist? My GF is and can use Word and Excel like a pro. She is actually certified in Excel and Power Point, the certs hang above her cubical. When a Windows System Admin, I ran my Win10 Pro workstation in a VM (level2 hypervisor) on Linux. I could backup snapshots and have an IT workstation in case the worst happened and some CEO infected the entire Domain with some CIA Bitlocker MS-0Day variant. Simply boot Linux, put virtualized nodes on HA, and then run automated re-installs. I could also do simple but professional level I.T. things without needing a CAL for every other connection. but capitols are different letters. should ms revert to case insensative passwords? Really, this shows a serious lack of Computer Science knowledge. :-)
  11. I figured it meant System Administrator. So that’s what prompted me to try craft.
  12. what's "sa"? I suspect a problem with the Xwindows. I'm thinking there is a driver conflict. This has happened when I've used other Linux distros.
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  15. Thanks @xhausted110, I didn’t know that! However, when I do log in as craft in this case, the screen goes black, then I get the error “Fatal server error: no screens found” and it puts me back to the login prompt. Not sure what’s going on there...
  16. "Well, sweet little sista's high as hell, cheating on a halo
    Grind in an odyssey, a holocaust, a heart kicking on tomorrow"


    Does the volume got to 15? Buahaha! :-)

  17. You have to log in as sa to get the GUI.
  18. Well I’m already in as root, which is the highest level. I’m just wondering if there’s a script or executable that needs to be ran to get the GUI to come up.
  19. If you work for a living, Linux is not for you. I am not a fan of Microsoft, Apple has lost it, somedays Apple is just as bad as MS in reliability, and MS tries to be a Google (of which they aren't). I'm enslaved to Microsoft because I have a living. And many of the Linux apps do not play well in the Microsoft world. Open Office/Libre Office is a joke if you have to send a multi hundred page RFP to an enterprise that reads things off MS Office for an example. I know most BinRev users are not in professional work environment, but you're talking to one, so I have to defend Microsoft over my dead body. When Linux can start using vanity names instead of the raw app/process name to describe them and actually lay off case sensitive file systems (so people can start writing proper English again because they forget when they reply/respond to something as if they're still coding/compiling/etc.) - then I would take Linux more seriously.
  20. tried? user: cust password: custpw I thought it used similar handles/passwords similar to the PBX side.
  21. Update on any R10 or greater PPN/processor board. I've done research on this and basically you're SOL if you do not have an active relationship (support contract or otherwise) with Avaya. Beginning in 2001, starting with the Definity R10 required a very difficult activation process, and I have personally tried before with Avaya a couple years ago. The process basically starts at the purchase order. The Business Partner (their version of VAR) or Avaya themselves would enter the order of the new PBX on their system, with "SAP Codes" (formerly known as the Comcodes from the Bell System days; SAP meaning their ERP of choice for enterprise accounting) and match the customer information on another database. Another common numerical ID is the "Sold To" number, that identifies the customer, and it's physical address and location. At that point the information had to be plugged in by sales and or other reps before the install. If you ran into the PLDS system that Avaya uses on their extranet, this is how that certificate comes into play. The certificate would come from Avaya's servers and be fed directly to the INADS port via a dial in modem coming out of Denver (or probably India more now than back in the day.) If the CLAN was programmed and had a direct link to the WAN, the certificate could be fed through over IP. This system appears to be an in house app (this PLDS system) and in fact it bears a patent, and such reversed engineering from smaller BPs and non BPs have been in the center of DMCA clams (please gag me with such trolls!) Avaya has no intention to give these licenses without any contracts to users that have no intention to make millions of dollars and keeping these from being thrown into a dumpster! and when I inquired Avaya 2 years ago, they basically showed me the door with a trail of emails to lawyers. Oh yeah legal counsel had to look into this. (such a #laywermagnet!) Given Avaya's current state of financial instability, and whatever happens in the coming years, I would be safe to say that if you do not have any certificates on any "Definity" past Release 10 would be a nice paperweight forever. I felt it was important to share to anyone who has ran into something similar to my experiences with a post R10 board.
  22. ^ I can see the slight frustration. I've tried to install it on a virtual instance, and I'm able to get the thing up, but when I access the Web URL, it goes a default Apache page. I installed it on a SFF OptiPlex GX240 (for the sake of it despite the small PCI slots) and tried to plug in a serial cable to the serial port, to see if I had to serial in that way, like the traditional Definity Audix card. Pointers with some maturity and screengrabs, and other visual documentation would be great for all.
  23. Just a quick update... and a shout out to @xhausted110 and @gewt for help... I got a different older box (a Dell Demension 4550) which can accommodate the larger card, and is an intel processor. So now I get all the way through to where it states that the voice system is up and running and it states that the dialogic card is good to go. Then it says to press enter to go back to the prompt, which puts me back as just root. What am I missing to get to the GUI to set up the system parameters? Am I not getting to it due to the licensing thing? I would love to get around that, but I have no idea where to create a new script since I don’t know where the original one resides. That’s where I could really use some help and insight as to what you guys did to get around it. I appreciate the help... thanks!!!
  24. I'm sorry if I'm resurrecting an old thread here. Anyone made any headway towards developing the Millennium Manager software? I recently purchased a Millennium Phone and would like to get it working.
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  27. Good afternoon An update on where I am... I had my buddy who is pretty decent with Unix and Linux come over. He was able to help me figure out what to change in the start_vs_now script. We changed the appropriate line, and was able to get the vioce system to start. The problem we ran into was that an error came up with the dialogic board. It said that it couldn’t find any dialogic boards in the system. Now I’m running this in a non tower pc with the Dialogic D4PCIUFW, which I know there was some question as to weather that would work with this software. So I then purchased a second hand full size tower PC to accommodate the larger dialogic D/41JCT. Unfortunately, the installation stops dead when the program is probing the machine (specifically at the host bus clock speed, which registers at 0 MHz). The thing I didn’t pay attention to is that this has an AMD Phenom processor. So I’m wondering if there just isn’t drivers for a non-intel processor. One other thing I’ll be trying is to clone the drive from the smaller machine to the drive from the tower. Maybe since I have it installed on that drive, I can get it to run on the bigger machine since it won’t be doing the probing that the installer was doing during startup. I do have low confidence in this working, however. So I might end up having to buy a different intel processor pc. The only thing is I’m not finding anything too suitable on eBay with a decent size drive. But while my buddy was here, we tried to find the directory where the parcrypf script is that needs to be avoided. Can you shed some light on where that is hidden? What what specifically you changed in there? Or is this not a factor anymore with running the system?
  28. So under considerable deliberations, I've decided to LEASE a phone from QLT Consumer Lease Services. If you plan on leasing from them, keep in mind they will require your SSN as they run a credit check on you for new applicants. Their website is I've ordered the black Model 500 phone plus added on a 25" handset cord and a 7" line cord at no extra charge. The monthly charge for the phone is $4.45. I'll keep you guys posted on the bill and what the phone looks like just as soon as I receive it. I'll upload the recording of me interacting with the customer service representative soon.
  29. The 3-octothorpe sticky posts in Nubie HQ are required reading for all new accounts.

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