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  2. In this show I go over history of websites and the complex nature of security in complex websites View the full article
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  4. NEW 'Off The Wall' ONLINE Posted 25 Nov, 2020 1:54:29 UTC The new edition of Off The Wall from 11/24/2020 has been archived and is now available online. "Off The Wall" - 11/24/2020 Download the torrent here View the full article
  5. Circuit breaker failures: Breaker Panel Explosion DB-25 Circuit Breaker Blows Up Electrical socket failures: Multiple socket outlet catching fire Loose wires cause fires. Please be safe! View the full article
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  7. My Dell laptop had to go away to have a new cooling fan fitted. I've got 3 other laptops to call upon, but instead I decided to conduct an experiment I've theorised about for ages. Could a Raspberry Pi 3B serve as my daily driver? This idea goes back some way and since then, of course, the much more powerful model 4 has been released. However, there must be thousands of 3Bs out there doing nothing, so perhaps they could have a new lease of life providing basic browsing and internet capabilities to people who might otherwise not be in a position to buy a computer. Hardware: Raspberry Pi Model 3B OS: Raspberry Pi OS (current version as of 31st October 2020) MicroSD: SanDisk 16GB ADDITIONAL SOFTWARE INSTALLED Audio Editor: mhWaveEdit 1.4.23 Audio Format Converter: SoundConverter 2.1.3 Image Editor: GIMP 2.10 View the full article
  8. In this episode operat0r shares his experiences with chainsaws. View the full article
  9. Hello! As an aside, my grandparents lived just outside Oneonta, NY before they passed away. Here's the link to the local ham club:, don't know how active they are, if any, but it's worth a shot. Ostego County also seems to have an active RACES organization (, and it would be in your best interest to get to know those folks and at least be neighborly. Now if you get a 2m/70cm HT you'll be able to hit a few repeaters in the Central Leatherstocking region, and that's about it. If you can afford $70 you should be able to find a used 2 Meter base station that'll give you an extra 10dB of power output which with an antenna you can build yourself will let you talk with the locals out to about 20 miles or so depending on the terrain, maybe a little further up and down the Susquehanna River valley and into the Catskills. If you want to talk further without assistance from repeaters you'll need to get down into the HF bands. - Ticom (Tom) Editor, Cyber-Tek Zine (est.1990)
  10. Patterns and Gradients let you create images that go beyond simple colors and let you create more interesting images. And using them also means we begin to see how to combine a variety of tools, like paint tools, selection tools, and brushes, to create the effects we want in our images. Links: View the full article
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  12. NEW 'Off The Hook' ONLINE Posted 19 Nov, 2020 1:13:43 UTC The new edition of Off The Hook from 11/18/2020 has been archived and is now available online. Jason Scott joins the panel this week to discuss working at the polls during the election and testing positive for covid-19, top 10 worst passwords, top election security official Chris Krebs was fired from his job as director at CISA, shenanigans at the polls. "Off The Hook" - 11/18/2020 Download the torrent here View the full article
  13. Nextcloud: PHP: View the full article
  14. NEW 'Off The Wall' ONLINE Posted 18 Nov, 2020 1:46:19 UTC The new edition of Off The Wall from 11/17/2020 has been archived and is now available online. "Off The Wall" - 11/17/2020 Download the torrent here View the full article
  15. My fediverse address: See my first Wacom doodle here: View the full article
  16. In this rambling episode, we talk to Enigma about the old days of HPR. He helped out with Today With A Techie and Droops asked him if he would like lead the project. After 300 episodes he, Dual Parallel, Droops, and StankDawg decided to pivot and rebrand as Hacker Public Radio. A nod to National Public Radio. Links Enigma View the full article
  17. Dungeons and Dragons, and most tabletop roleplaying games, are ideal platforms for players with low or no vision. However, because most players are sighted, you have to work-around some assumptions made by the rulebooks. I [currently] have vision, but I have played with a blind player before, and I've played as a Dungeon Master with no materials on hand. In this episode, I discuss some easy workarounds to make tabletop RPGs easy for both sighted and non-sighted players. There are audiobook versions of the rule books available at The official D&D digital platform is, and it is accessible to blind players using a screen reader. Wizards of the Coast publishes the basic rules under the Open Game License (OGL). As a service to my players, I maintain a version of this document in plain text, with third-party OGL additions. It may or may not be useful for screen readers, depending on your workflow. View the full article
  18. I recently checked the phone numbers using the reverse phones lookup page and I highly recommend it. It works great and has a really big phone base. Recently I was haunted by an unknown phone number. Thanks to this website I managed to find out who it is. It turned out to be a well-known stalker.
  19. This is a general discussion about backups and cloud storage. View the full article
  20. Great episode of hpr today, learned alot about the different types of 3d printers and some of the nuances I wasnt aware of.
  21. NEW 'Off The Hook' ONLINE Posted 12 Nov, 2020 1:10:58 UTC The new edition of Off The Hook from 11/11/2020 has been archived and is now available online. We're living under an attempted coup, pen testing democracy, imbalance of power, how technology is fueling tribalism, new covid restrictions in NYC, Patrick Ryan - technical program manager at TikTok - joins the panel to discuss the TikTok employee lawsuit against President Trump. "Off The Hook" - 11/11/2020 Download the torrent here View the full article
  22. Getting started in 3D printing The FFF vs. FDM Debate Creality Ender 3 Where to go once you decide you need another 3D printer View the full article
  23. NEW 'Off The Wall' ONLINE Posted 11 Nov, 2020 1:24:42 UTC The new edition of Off The Wall from 11/10/2020 has been archived and is now available online. "Off The Wall" - 11/10/2020 Download the torrent here View the full article
  24. Some links of interest for the listener: Amiga emulation: Commodore 8 bit emulation: Atari emulation: Apple II emulation: A site for the Color Computer: View the full article
  25. In his first show - recorded on Halloween night, Padraig asks a big life question. Well ok more like an undead question. Which is better a Lich, or a Vampire. View the full article
  26. My Ender 3 printer from Creality Cura, open source from Ultimaker, Octoprint, View the full article
  27. Social media has some problems, and even federated media is not immune to them. OcapPub proposes to help reduce some problems by moving away from a fundamentally broken model revolving around identity and access to a better model involving objects and capabilities. This could help reduce to problems of identity theft, and help against web site problems like clickjacking and Cross-Site Request Forgery. It is a proposal being worked on, not a finished technology, but it is promising. Links: View the full article
  28. Join us for some home repairs, picking up tips and tricks on the way. Sorry for the bad audio. Bad Audio Weedeater Bugs Sprinkler Bubbles View the full article
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