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  6. Marijuana, Marijuana, LSD, LSD Mrs. Johnson makes it... all the teachers take it. Why can't we? Why can't we? If you're looking for the Principal, he's hanging on the flag pole. With a ruler through his head, filled with dirty pencil lead. EDIT: almost forgot The Stoner's Cheer 1995ish: Party hardy, sex and rock & roll. Drink a 1/5th then smoke a bowl We are stoners, we got class. Fuck with us, we'll kick your ass. In middle school, every kid with long hair had that on his Pee-Chee or Trapper Keeper. LoL
  7. Well us kids used to recite "eeny meanie miney mow" with its original line of "catch a nigger by the toe", like our grandparents taught us, and practically nobody gave it a second thought (or probably even noticed, and yes there were at least two black kids in my predominantly-white class who did it as well). But that was also in AUTOJAN's heyday and most people back then weren't as thin-skinned and hung up on themselves as they are now. From sunday school (okay, my parents favored a more "progressive" church in Hood River): Jesus loves me cuz I'm cool I smoke weed in sunday school Mary Jane and LSD Jesus loves me 'cuz I'm me Circa 1992 or 1993, on the men's room wall at my high school: Some come here to sit and think Others come to shit and stink I come here to rub my balls And poke my dick through the walls
  8. Walking through Office with dick in hand.. We call Willy C. Trailer Park Man... Peeks in a stall? What did he see? Monica and Gennifer trying to take a pee...... Media started to talk, each intern described the same cock... The Clintons' career got impeached from the Pennsylvania block.... :-P Early 80's something: Old Mother Hubbard went to the cupboard to give her poor dog a bone. When Mother bent over, Rover took over and her a bone of his own. 1st Grade Reading Class: "Say <person's sister's name> may I", then spell cup. Most I will not post in respect to current racial tensions in the USA.
  9. PG13/R (pick one) (WARNING: IF YOU ARE EASILY OFFENDED PLEASE LEAVE THIS THREAD NOW!) Red red wine makes me feel so fine Monkey jacked Chewbacca on the streetcar line The line broke, the monkey got choked Chewy-bacca smoked bad ganja on a little tug boat Circa '84 or so, I don't know its exact origin but I think somebody at Whitson School had just gotten that new UV40 album. Heard on the playground this afternoon at my little cousin's school (these were all 3rd/4th grade kids): Donald Trump was a dirty old man Ran out of the White House with his dick in his hand Saw excuse me ladies I'm just doing my duty So drop your pants and gimmee some booty ...and who says millennials (the first and last time I will ever use that word on this site) are out of touch?
  10. I would love to get a copy of this as well.
  11. Seriously, if the sign at the door reads, "Please seat yourself". Any vacant seat in the establishment is fair game.

  12. Well, it turns out that everything I was told previously was wrong. Through several different agents. Over several different months. Somehow. Was told definitively by two different folks at Centurylink today that I definitely could not get service, as Windstream is the incumbent. Soooo... There's the end of that.
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  14. Yes and no, AMPS was narrowband (+-30 kHz (15 kHz deviation)) FM when TV audio was wideband FM (~200 kHz IIRC) (mono baseband was around 20 kHz BW/10 kHz dev, then stereo difference and SAP was above that, similar to an FM radio station except the subcarrier offsets were different). The frequencies were in former TV channels 81-83 but those were reassigned for telephone usage back in the mid or late 1980s. This is why many older TV sets and VCRs could monitor AMPS transmissions by playing with the fine-tuning controls when on those channels. (Somebody please feel free to correct me on those bandwidths and deviations!)
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  16. Forgive me for not knowing the carriers inside out, but wasn't AMPS using the signals similar to analog TV? I assumed this because the shutdown of AMPS was around the same time when analog TV was supposed to sign off (06, then early 09 then June indef of that year)
  17. I wish I could help. I don't have a practical knowledge of ROLM systems (both an admin or phreak); it predates the Internet for general documentation. List serves/discussions have dried up over the years. ROLMs are still kicking in some places, never underestimate their demise, it's been "overly exaggerated"! (Just don't tell a Cisco salesman!)
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  19. So I've been lurking around in a hotel for a little while, and they have a Rolm here of all things! There's a few more things to record, but the meantime, I thought I'd throw this up. rolm_weirdness.flac The night I was messing around with the modem in the satellite receiver in my room, I hooked a phone patch up to the line to hear what it was dialing - and transmitting to the other end. For some reason, when the hotel phone (which on a possibly unrelated note is a total piece of garbage. Thankfully, the Rolm is cool with my 500 set) is hooked up to the line, the music on hold port on the PBX starts to bleed through when the phone is on-hook. Why this is I have no idea, but I thought I'd share it. Also, every so often - only at night, the crosstalk on other pairs terminating to the PBX tends to get really, really loud. We made a recording of this via the Dialogic machine while I was on the bridge. Sorry about the AGC. Chuck and foner00t's reactions should give you a good idea of how loud it actually is, though. message54.wav
  20. Granite Telecommunications is one of the big resellers; usually retail chains and such get their phone lines through them. You'd think that would work - and to your credit, it very well could, but it seems like a lot of the incumbent LECs - and certainly the cable companies would rather see their network burnt to ashes around them than even acknowledge phrases like "competitive pricing" or "making a service more appealing". This trend is reaching to cable TV, and even beginning to affect wired internet; if I remember right, a fifth of the US no longer has a wired internet connection. It doesn't make sense to me (and I assume the rest of this forum) unless you're just using your internet for Facebook/only browsing at work or something, but I've seen people do it. Likewise for POTS unless you're spending like, thirty minutes on the phone every month. Windstream is also an incumbent carrier with their own outside plant, though; that's what makes this whole situation so weird. Anything is possible, but I've never seen territory overlap like that.
  21. Haha. I cannot post that online for security reasons. Where I live for POTS, Clink is pretty much the only game in town. So perhaps that is why have things like that. It is pretty ridiculous for a Telco to charge a new customer money for gracing their service offerings. I guess it makes sense if someone leaves in a few days after running copper. I'd ask them for a discount on services over a few months to counter cost in setup and running copper. You're wanting to be a customer to a dying service they provide. Ask to speak with manager, tell 'em you're looking for better POTS service. Then follow up with, "I cannot see it being better? If I need to pay for being a customer? Can you a least knock off $10.00 per month over 12 months? To cover the setup fees?" "OK, no then? What makes your service so much better than the others? Do you not want someone who has a need for an analog line long term? To me, that sounds like a great customer for you? What am I missing? By the looks of Clink stock, you guys can use all the money you can get over the next two years? Who do I elevate my concerns to?" . EDIT: The areas I've lived in Clink pretty much has all the copper infrastructure. But think they need allow 3rd parties access to aggregate service on their copper. All the copper was operated by Pacific Bell. When the bell companies broke up, it basically changed to U.S. West. It was still the same except long distance could be changed to MCI, Sprint, AT&T, etc... Then US West changed to Qwest and 3rd parties started coming (About the mid to late 1990's) and aggregating service of copper infrastructure and C/O equipment that was originally Pacific Bell and later US West -> Qwest -> Clink. So. Windstream could come in and say, "we meet the requirements to offer service in your area. We have these numbers and you need to provide us with access to your copper for our customers (probably at a fee)." Maybe not 100% but something like that. Never been around back east but always thought Nynex and all the others were similar.
  22. I have yet to find a third party that offers services in our area of any kind... Do you know who you go through, and are you at liberty to tell me, so I could take a look for equivalent in my area? My city looks like a largely old Ameritech / current Windstream area, but we're close enough to the service border that they've probably hopped C-Link services over it before. As for the house itself, it's POTS accessible easily enough (Windstream had no problems hooking in). Not really sure, but I can only go by what I've been told. I will say that the installation fees were a bit on the high side ($35) and they weren't able to immediately tell me what my NPA-NXX would be... So that really leads me to believe there's an FX-like setup involved.
  23. We use Clink POTS lines at work for FAX machines and a few other things (also DSL on POTS for our backup Internet connection). But actually found a local 3rd party that resells Clink POTS offering the same service for about $10.00 per month less with WAY better customer service. They have already bought a huge pool of numbers routed them to Clink, then resell through Clink. Clink POTS lines, depending on where you live, should be the most ubiquitous as they (indirectly) inherited a lot of infrastructure in the west from the Ma-Bell divestiture. Guessing your home must have been built in the last 20 years if there is no POTS easily accessible or at one time was not hooked up to Clink or US West.
  24. That would be awesome if they can do it! Keep us posted.

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      Edit to say "snow", and we're alike in thinking.

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  26. I've actually already called... Heh. Once within the last week, and once several months ago. Each time I was told that I could have a POTS (non-digital) line run to my house, even though the site states that I couldn't. I was very specific about the questions I asked, because it seemed odd to meas well that they could jump the border... But everything I've been told says that's possible, seeming without the T1 consideration. I don't have DSL. And yeah, the bundles are usually cheaper... But I also don't want to be paying for services I don't use. Also, I just looked. Essentially bundling the phone and 10Mbps internet gets me... 10 Mbps Internet for $10 a month. Sooooo... Heh.
  27. I'm not so sure you can get service from Centurylink. For starters, I tried a few Elyria addresses on their website and none of them said service was available. Also, those two switches you mentioned are in different ratecenters. Usually one company can give you an FX line from one of THEIR other CO's without an issue. But, between companies, in different ratecenters, I'm not so sure. I bet they could definitely deliver you a dialtone via a T1 circuit, but that would definitely be way outside of your price point. In short, it doesn't hurt to try, so you should still give them a call. Do you have DSL from Windstream? As crazy as it sounds, at least with Verizon out here, things are cheaper if you bundle phone with DSL than just getting a phone line. You might want to check into that.
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  29. Yeow, $75 for one line? You could look around for competitive long distance; MCI is still a thing (though it's under Verizon's corporate umbrella, they've done next to nothing with them), and if you call for a rate quote, they'll very aggressively try to sell you long distance a-la 20 years ago. So if you call for a rate quote, I'd divert (208-364-0151 will work nicely since it's an 800 number. They'll also will ask you for a callback number, so have your favorite test number ready). The upside to this is they're willing to throw in irresponsible extras like a toll-free number that shares minutes on your unlimited plan for free. That, and the technical quality of the MCI network is actually quite high; there's a few routes you'll want to avoid, like their one to Omaha however. AT&T is similarly good, but they're less enthusiastic about selling it to you. If what they're trying to sell you doesn't sound particularly attractive, one thing you can do for the conference is use three-way from your cell phone or call forwarding; that way, you can still get a decent toll route (You should be fine with VZW. T-Mobile and possibly AT&T not so much, Sprint is hit and miss) and not have to settle with Google Voice or the, er, wonderful sound you usually get from cell phones. I think as far as residences go, real POTS is all they offer. My experience with them was mostly okay when I lived near Portland (it's different from one region to the next, but I was definitely paying less than $75 back when I only had one line), but one thing you've got to watch out for is their least cost routing list if you get their long distance service. When I played with their stuff, it seemed like what I was able to call was sorta defined by whether or not they had a half-decent route to the destination. Any terminating switch they own should be great sounding. Anything they don't...well, it's hit and miss. To their credit, they usually will fix anything really bad if you call repair, but it's still annoying to say the least. As far as local service goes, a DMS-100 can be really interesting or kinda boring; it all depends on how they have it set up. Ex-United Tel is usually fairly interesting though, and if I remember right, you found a couple payphones in your town you can check out the switch from. The switchid article I worked on should mention some of the things to look at; .
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