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  3. What does that mean? How does that get achieved? I mean, such vague language can't run away under my eyes.
  4. FYI: the GUI for AUDIX can be accessed remotely.
  5. So here’s an update on where I am... I decided to reinstall the whole system on this new machine, thinking that maybe the incorrect video driver was installed since the installation occurred on an old machine. That did the trick. I am now able to get into the GUI. The interesting thing is that it says I have 100 mailboxes purchased and 4 voice ports. The problem is I’m still in release 1.1. I did some google searching on how to run a file on cd as an executable, and just got even more confused. I can mount the cd just fine, but I have no idea how to install the service pack. And that’s where I’m wondering if I’m going to run into this licensing thing. But for now, I have everything set up on the switch end with the extensions wired to the dialogic board and the hunt group assigned. I’m putzing around in it now to see if I can figure out how to set the system up since the instructions on the configuration notice aren’t matching up (of course).
  6. EDIT: to further elaborate in computer science terms: let's pretend we work for a law-firm needing to search contents of PDF files. They have thousands. We index PDF files on Micoshift. Then all of a sudden notice nobody can login into the domain. Since everything is centralized authentication and it costs an average of 5000.00 per server in licensing the these files were put onto a Domain controller. We are finally able to get in and see the Windows Search Service is taking 100% resources indexing PDF files. This is fine for three hours or more, But these PDF files are edited daily and tie up our Domain Controller all day long Like most MCSE Microshift experts, we ignored best practice of leaving Domain Controllers to handle AD only. Besides, we already have separate licenses for SQL Server and Exchange running on two separate Windows Server Virtual Hosts with client access licenses for 500 users (5 grand or more each). So with our Domain Controller acting as a file-sever, nobody can login? Our slow searching, but easy to find file-system for end-users is needing to index all day long. So now we have a huge task: meeting to secure another 5000 in IT resources. Moving Terabytes of files to something with a more efficient file system in the sort-term (like a 500 dollar NAS running what kernel? (either BSD or Linux). As well as the immediate problem that Windows does not control tasks like Linux. So before we can even troubleshoot, more than likely we need to reboot the Winshaft server for any Admin access.. The admin could an extra CPU socket to try and pick up the slack, but that involves an upgrade path to Server Enterprise with new CALs. That is a scenario I've dealt with before. Linux? Much for efficient and a shell script can written to find whatever some CEO who cannot name files needs.
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  8. Ahhh so that’s how I got that 403 a little bit ago and got my IP address at home blacklisted.
  9. 904-266-9604 - Nortel key system owned by MCI/Verizon; Mister Rogers works here. +800-6669-5588 - China Telecom NIS rec, mildly weird stuff happens afterwards 416-591-0105 - One of many numbers that goes to a Octel VMS owned by Bell Canada, tells you you don't have access to the advanced intelligent network 800-483-0015 - Verizon office with Rolm PBX 603-746-0125 - Weird thingie on analog line, picks up with square wave beep 603-746-9911 - IVR, "Thank you for calling. Enter your user ID and press pound to continue." 480-792-3996 - PCAnywhere modem on Nortel PBX 307-782-9997 - "The number you have dialed is not authorized to receive incoming calls." <Nortel EDRAM digits> "085501" 307-782-0000 - <480 hertz beep in background> "Union Telephone operator, how can I help you?" - TOPS position, will dial local numbers for you. 360-985-1902 - Weird sounding dialtone
  10. This is a placeholder post. Whenever I try to make anything reasonably long, the forum gives me a 403.
  11. They need to be more specific, re-write the application outputting file names, or learn to name files better "Hoigy & Spymler" You would run a case insensitive search with built-in logic "WHERE company_name is LIKE Hoi% OR company_name LIKE hoi%" That will be handled at the application layer, not the file-system level. Issues are in procedure if you're not storing this in a database. Even though case-sensitive provides both faster search and sorting with extensive searches at the file-system level (looking at bits) we have been using databases for optimizing searches like this since the 1960's. In your case when storing client files as text you'd need to fully use find, grep, egrep or awk with RegEx. With much power comes responsibility. So like I stated, if you're a computer science person you want case-sensitive - if you just need to find file names and not be worried about optimization Fat-32 or NTFS is fine and dandy. It all comes down-computer science: there are 100 ways to do anything. But only a few to do it right, MS chose something more user friendly.
  12. Except passwords are not file names. Mixed-case is a necessity in passwords for security. Comparing the two concepts is like comparing bananas to coconuts just because both grow in Hawai'i. In the real world, file.txt, File.txt, FILE.TXT, FiLe.TxT etc. are all the same single file in a directory. There is only one file in any given directory with that file name and that's that. When somebody calls you on the fone and tells you "send me file.txt" and you see several different files withthat same name, only different capitalization, which one are you going to send them? "file.txt" which contains your personal E-mail cache or "File.Txt" which contains the details for the Hoigy & Spymler Amalgamated Widgets account? File system case sensitivity is a disease. Unix-like platforms in general have made tremendous advances in the way people operate computers but in some ways is still has its head stuck so far up its ass with stubborn traditionalism (cough cough ESR cough cough) that there are severe limitations that have yet to be overcome, yet could be overcome easily. @Avaya - you do know it's possible to run Winshits software on Linsux, right? Don't know if anybody's gotten OS suX compatibility going yet. I guess it probably falls into the "why even bother" category.
  13. When I installed it I entered "root" and I got into the prompt. Entered setup to get a static IP configuration, and tried to configure the Xwindows so I could use the GUI. Because i have this on a VMware vmachine, I don't know what driver it could take, so it would test then say it failed.
  14. From having basic exp with UNIX, it's trying to run a window program to function the GUI. In this case it would be Xwindows.
  15. Thats fine... thanks though! I appreciate it!
  16. Sorry, I don't know offhand, I'll have to look when I get home.
  17. I’ll definitely give that a try. But first I have to figure out why I’m getting this “no screens found” error. I swear I’ve had non stop problems trying to get this system to run! But that’s my luck lol While you’re here... could you tell me where that liscencing script is located that I have to change or add a new script? And how you got around it?
  18. It asked me when I installed it. If you don't have the password, just set it yourself from the root account with "passwd sa"
  19. Hmmm. I didn’t set a password for that when things were installing. Is that a user I have to add myself? Or is there a default password for that user?
  20. sa is AUDIX's equivalent of the cust account.
  21. May I please handle this? Thank you! We are mostly Developers, System Administrators, and Analysts. Linux can send a 3000 page Office Document like a champ. Bits are transparent moving across the physical wire. I'd wager one year's professional salary Linux boxes move more Word Documents than Windows platforms. Are you Recptionist? My GF is and can use Word and Excel like a pro. She is actually certified in Excel and Power Point, the certs hang above her cubical. When a Windows System Admin, I ran my Win10 Pro workstation in a VM (level2 hypervisor) on Linux. I could backup snapshots and have an IT workstation in case the worst happened and some CEO infected the entire Domain with some CIA Bitlocker MS-0Day variant. Simply boot Linux, put virtualized nodes on HA, and then run automated re-installs. I could also do simple but professional level I.T. things without needing a CAL for every other connection. but capitols are different letters. should ms revert to case insensative passwords? Really, this shows a serious lack of Computer Science knowledge. :-)
  22. I figured it meant System Administrator. So that’s what prompted me to try craft.
  23. what's "sa"? I suspect a problem with the Xwindows. I'm thinking there is a driver conflict. This has happened when I've used other Linux distros.
  24. Thanks @xhausted110, I didn’t know that! However, when I do log in as craft in this case, the screen goes black, then I get the error “Fatal server error: no screens found” and it puts me back to the login prompt. Not sure what’s going on there...
  25. "Well, sweet little sista's high as hell, cheating on a halo
    Grind in an odyssey, a holocaust, a heart kicking on tomorrow"


    Does the volume got to 15? Buahaha! :-)

  26. You have to log in as sa to get the GUI.
  27. Well I’m already in as root, which is the highest level. I’m just wondering if there’s a script or executable that needs to be ran to get the GUI to come up.
  28. If you work for a living, Linux is not for you. I am not a fan of Microsoft, Apple has lost it, somedays Apple is just as bad as MS in reliability, and MS tries to be a Google (of which they aren't). I'm enslaved to Microsoft because I have a living. And many of the Linux apps do not play well in the Microsoft world. Open Office/Libre Office is a joke if you have to send a multi hundred page RFP to an enterprise that reads things off MS Office for an example. I know most BinRev users are not in professional work environment, but you're talking to one, so I have to defend Microsoft over my dead body. When Linux can start using vanity names instead of the raw app/process name to describe them and actually lay off case sensitive file systems (so people can start writing proper English again because they forget when they reply/respond to something as if they're still coding/compiling/etc.) - then I would take Linux more seriously.
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