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  5. From meetings I've been in, CDMA carriers are mostly planning to keep their 2G gear running for a while after they shut down their 3G networks in preference for LTE. 2G CDMA is comparatively narrowband (a pair of 1.5 MHz channels can serve a whole area), and keeping the 2G network active allows for 2G/3G phones to have a network to fall back on. There are many 2G/3G only phones out there still; I assume each network is planning to keep at least one of these bands active to serve those customers. There's probably also a regulatory angle involved. GSM is distance-limited to I think like 50 km so it makes sense to keep UMTS but drop GSM, reducing the number of towers needed to serve the area, whereas CDMA isn't distance-limited in either 2G or 3G so it makes sense to use the narrower bandwidth one, freeing up spectrum.
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  7. Actually, they shut down the GSM network too; only T-Mobile provides large-scale GSM service in the US now. I'd argue that probably has more to do with AT&T's corporate politics than general obsolescence, but if T-Mobile follows suit, we'll definitely talk. But yeah - as others have said, by 2008, basically nobody made new stuff that spoke AMPS, and it used up a considerable amount of spectrum to boot. I don't think surveillance is a huge issue to most consumers judging by how the Snowden leaks have gone down, but A5/1, the encryption standard used in GSM, has been considered insecure for quite some time now. I dunno about UMTS and LTE, but you do hear about people devising attacks against them occasionally. To what degree though, I'm not quite sure. EDIT: That being said, I think CDMA has been facing the axe as well. From what I understand, that has a lot to do with Qualcomm doing licensing on an annual (or monthly, I forget which) basis. Once they end of life the base station equipment, unless you can find some way to bypass the licensing (which would probably be a serious breach of contract. No established carrier would dare upsetting a big manufacturer like that), it's basically a paperweight; end of story. Someone who works with that sort of thing has remarked that a lot of recent carrier-side infrastructure is no longer made with the idea of longevity in mind. Hmmmm! I wonder if I should start carrying something that searches for AMPS signals on long trips. Could you flip through FCC licenses to get an idea of who might be doing this?
  8. Carriers couldn't wait to get rid of AMPS. It was a spectrum hog. They could compress a lot more GSM and CDMA calls in the same channel space. In fact, AT&T finally got rid of 2G (TDMA) in January 2017. Again, lack of market share, spectrum hog, and everyone had finally moved on to GSM or LTE. In fact, 5G (actually not really a consumer standard) is on its way soon. More signals, less need for the older crap. It was pretty amazing. In 2008 AMPS went away, in 2009 NTSC (analog) television went away. And in a few years, the current digital ATSC will go away (ATSC 1.0) because ATSC 3.0 is around the corner. And that will use even less spectrum because the FCC is giving that away to the cell companies. ATSC 3.0 uses more compression than the current ATSC 1.0 does. And don't get me started on the landline side of things. I see huge changes in the next 5 to 10 years. Ain't technology grand?
  9. Changes of FCC regulation, lack of market demand and general obsolescence. In 2008 when the FCC modified rules to make AMPS carriage optional, most telcos were really quick to get rid of their AMPS services. There wasn't as much money to be had in SCPC AMPS services as there is in multiplex digital services. Funny thing though, depending where you are, if you are lucky enough you can sometimes find very small private (corporate?) AMPS base stations still in place. Usually corporate internal PBX patches I think. A friend and I came across one on a Moto brick fone a couple years ago that we believe was either at Boeing (Gresham, Ore.) or Wafertech (Camas, Wash.). What you can do with it (if anything) depends how the host PBX is configured, how big the company is and how far abandoned-in-place the base is. You'd probably stand a better chance of finding one at a huge multi/national headquarters or field office than a smaller local or regional-based company.
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  11. I am thinking it was to prevent analog-based voice encryption, which could have become prevalent. But it's a dumb theory with no evidence, since the encryption could happen in the headphone before it hits the phone.
  12. I bet the numbering plan is something like 287-3-1744, where 287 is a tieline or location code for "naperville area", and 3-1744 or 9-9599 are local numbers on the centrex.
  13. This video basically explains how to setup a metasploit payload that works over Tor through an onion address: Has anyone tried doing any kind of tinkering with proxies and the beautiful tool that is the metasploit-framework? I'm getting a hard time setting up the proxy settings in msfvenom -- no matter how I do it, payload can never connect to 9050 on target machine (which has the proxy port open and working). Tried several combinations of payloads that supported proxies staged and stageless. Has anyone got any clue on how to proceed with this?
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  15. Would be interesting to see Perl 6 officially official the same day Python 2.X is officially unofficial. :-)

  16. So not too long ago, Ramsaso brought to my attention that Nokia/Alcatel-Lucent didn't EoL the 1AESS because they didn't want to support it anymore, but because AT&T cancelled their maintenance contract. Since they were the last 1A support customer, they dismantled the last lab 1AESS in Naperville, Illinois. That got me thinking about a lot of things, but most importantly, if they had a 1AESS lab in Naperville, what else do they have there? The answer? I have no idea, but they have two whole exchanges - 630-713 and 630-979 assigned to them. This might be one of those cases where having a thing that isn't a person dial numbers for you might actually be a good idea. Even for a group project, 20,000 numbers is a bit much. Especially here; if you look around, you'll discover it's, er, a little underwhelming for a place where there's switch labs. But given the potential reward for finding something fun here, I thought I might mention it anyway. Never know; sometimes if you just dial around for patterns like x000, x999 or whatever (though maybe not those specific ones here, sadly), you'll find stuff. Anyway, 630-979-4000 is probably the most useful number of the bunch - this doohickey is the custom voicemail platform someone came up with. It sounds like an engineer farted it out in a day or two, but it has a working name directory if nothing else. The system has a weird way of arranging phone numbers. For example, 630-713-1744 maps out to 2-873-1744 internally. 630-979-9599, likewise, is 2-879-9599.
  17. Sure, but some end offices have them too: 971-230-0019, 503-416-1124, 208-364-0120. For what it's worth, Washougal is a DMS-10. As far as I know, the EDRAM cards with the Noot Lady only work on DMS-100 family switches. The DMS-10 manual mentions some kind of equivalent though, so I could definitely be wrong. For whatever it's worth, RBOC lines coming into that building are from PTLDOR69, so it's also possible it's just something from the Capitol DMS-100. I could swear they put Pat Fleet stuff on that switch though.
  18. The way I did mine was a bit weird; the server in question doesn't have a VGA card, so I did the first installation stage on a VMWare instance, loaded it onto a hard drive with another OS, SSHed in, and then simply used dd to copy it to yet another drive. That was just the OS installation though; all the RPMs were installed just the same as everybody else's. At the end of the day though, I installed it onto an old 20 GB (from that same Dell when a bigger drive was put in, actually) IDE drive I don't have much use for otherwise. There's nothing particularly special about it. Anyway, sorry this has taken so long. I do actually plan on uploading an image with this at some point so we can get to the bottom of what's going on. Aside from the hardware concerns though, I would like to shuffle around some data (mostly voicemails; the passwords on a machine like this are obviously throwaways) before giving it out. I did have it answering my phone for a while when I wasn't around.
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  20. Hello there, I just wanted to put my 2c in.... The Intuity Audix LX 1.0 and 2.0 require a specific hard drive that has been flashed by AVAYA. When You look at the drive ID it comes up "AMP". Without that drive the ports will not activate.
  21. I don't even know why there would be one. Trailer codes are a tandem thing aren't they (e.g. two one three one two one three one two one three one five-uh)? The closest thing to a trailer code I've ever heard of on any CO receiver-off-hook recording would be "this is a recording". FWIW, Silkie's closest field office as given on is in Hazel Dell (here: but they appear to have a WSHGWAXADS1 number (835). Washougal is a GTE DMS area. I doubt the radio system is on that office because WPHZ563 is on the Sylvan transmitter site (here: unless they have a direct fiber trunk (I doubt it, but...) into Washougal via PTLDOR13C9T.
  22. Here is some scans I did. I'll be doing some more scans soon! 51667699xx 01 5ESS announcement 11 the long distance code that you dialed had to be proceeded with 950 32 milliwatts tone 39 busy 45 milliwatts tone 55 Greenvale garage 68 high pitch tone 70 busy 72 line pick up dead air 76 due to unusual heavy traffic in the exchange you are calling your call cannot be completed at this time 77 due to an dialing change you must dial an area code before the 7 digits 51675999xx 00 milliwatt 01 5ess announcement 25 the long distance code that you dialed had to be proceeded with 950 26 carrier code is needed for this call 27 call cannot be completed due to wrong access code or restrictions on the line 28 number you dialed cannot be reached with the carrier access code 29 a carrier access is required for the number you dial or their is restrictions on the line 45 milliwatt 59 busy 68 HIGH pitch screech 70 busy 72 your call cannot be completed please try your call again or call Customer care 92 busy 51667499xx 00 milliwatt 15 modem 32 milliwatt 33 voicemail 41 busy 45 milliwatt 46 busy 59 the voicemail you are calling has not been setup yet 67 dead air 79 number is unavailable or private 85 busy 89 number cannot be called from a private number. Without blocked number Verizon voicemail system. 93 Verizon voicemail system 94 Verizon voicemail system 98 where sorry you Must first dial a 1 99 your phone has been temp disco. If this is an emergency dial 911. For Customer service dial 0
  23. Dimension L1000R
  24. What is the model number of the computer?
  25. If memory serves me right, that rules out McLeodUSA, TW and XO; only the Integra and MCI DMSes have no trailer code. My money is on Integra.
  26. Sure, could you? Sorry it took me so long to respond; it's been a weird month. The PSU in question is a Dell HP-P1457F3.
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  28. Nope, just dial tone/ring/generic "not" lady offhook recording/BAAAABAPBAPBAPBAP/couple minutes of silent termination. Rinse and repeat for sometimes up to a week or until they finally notice and hang it up.
  29. Also, is it still 10 pm Eastern?
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