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  3. R.I.P. Jerry and R.I.P. the Rat Pack. It's the end of an era.

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  6. Effective immediately we will be removing, without notice, any threads or posts along the lines of "can you help me 'hack into' this that or the other thing". There's been an increase in questions from new users asking for help "hacking into" other peoples' services or devices, usually for malicious reasons. It's now worn out and continues to be basically the same recycled question. This seems to mainly be a phenomenon amongst n00bs who are confused by the concept of hacking, going only on stereotypes they've been spoon-fed by the right-wing owned commercial mass media. These threads hijack the forum and no longer have a place here. You should go back and reread the terms of use file you read and agreed to when you signed up. In fact, I'll make it convenient for you: Hijacking peoples' social media sites, vandalizing web pages, invading private computer systems (including other peoples' cell phones) and similar illegal activities are criminal acts and have no relationship at all to hacking. This contributes nothing positive to the forum or society and only wastes everybody's time. This behavior will not be tolerated. If you are found to violate this announcement your post will be removed and you WILL be given infraction points for spamming. We are not against discussion of this issue if it pertains to products or services you personally own, for research purposes and you state explicitly so in your post, and even then you shouldn't expect much help unless you are already a well-established and trustworthy member of the site. If you are posting with the intent of causing harm to other people then you should find another site that better suits your needs. Besides, if you are determined enough and you still think you're some sort of "hacker" because of it, then you obviously know the value of doing your own independent research. Get going. Scratchytcarrier Department Head, The Binrev Anti-Spam Corps
  7. Here it is, I knew I had that text file around somewhere. It's not actually cellular at all nor is it AMPS so I guess my memory's becoming corrupted in my old age. It sounds like it should be an odd hybrid of AMPS and IDEN though it no doubt preceded the latter by at least a generation and probably also preceded the former by some length of time. I mean, they *did* get a spacecraft into orbit years before our bureaucracy ever did, after all. I personally have yet to hear any such communications on sat frequencies but I admit I haven't really much attention to that frequency range. (I think just the sheer novelty of hearing the Brazilian pirates ("voices from far-away places" my mother recently described it) on the lower frequencies eclipsed it. Maybe someday I'll get lucky.)
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  9. 866-284-3437 stopped working
  10. From what I heard several years ago, the later 4ESS switches that were installed in the mid to late 90s were of a newer generation than those from 1976 to the late 80s. And yes, some of these switches are 40 years old!! But as TP said, over time I bet most of the guts have been replaced (though I do wonder about the announcement machines - some of which are quite broken!). But I think to say relevant, AT&T like a lot of other telcos are going VoIP. I know Verizon basically runs it's old school POTS TDM network and a VoIP network in parallel with gateways to cross connect the two worlds as necessary. Yeah, AT&T has introduced DMS-250, 5ESS, etc. into the long distance network, but the venerable 4ESS is still the backbone. Just curious what their strategy is to play in a mixed TDM and IP environment moving forward.
  11. is anyone here good with rooting android tablets, im new to android and would let to get root on my tablet so i can install linux on it the tablet is a nextbook ares 11a any info or links to good tutorials would be greatly appreciated, as well as any good advice thanks
  12. So, couple things: Much like the US West switches in public service, 611 seems to wait for more digits. I have no idea what it does in or out of a lab environment, but on the lab DMS, it'll wait for three more digits (excluding 1/0; those go straight to reorder). On the 5ESS, it waits for seven. Also, on the DMS, 1-720 seems to go to different places than just 720; 720-993 for example terminates to the Sonus with a 1 first for some reason. Also, on exchanges in that area code that won't complete for some reason, it'll wait for four digits as well instead of the usual three. Hopefully, this'll wind up being a good way to teach translation logic on these two switches. There's a lot I want to figure out about how they anticipate digits.
  13. Only AT&T operates them right now; they were a bunch of LECs that bought them for intra-LATA switching, but those were replaced with DMS-200s. My guess as to why those were replaced is there was limited expertise available to run them, and a lot of collective, expensive headscratching. For AT&T, it's a little different; they developed the 4ESS with Western Electric/Nokia/whatever from the ground up to be a good toll switch; feature-wise, the software gives it a leg up over the DMS family for that. I'm guessing less so for local operations considering AT&T-owned local carriers like Pacific Bell phased them out years ago, But to answer your question, well, maybe. The older 4ESSes are pretty damn old, but in the world of circuit switching, that doesn't mean a whole lot. All the hardware is on easily replaceable cards, so you can replace stuff as needed; it's not like PCI or anything. You can just disable a card, yank it out, and shove something else in it's place. The processors are redundant, so you can do this with them too. A switch that was installed thirty, forty years ago has probably had most of it's earlier cards replaced with updated versions at some point, so it's not like running a car that old. But the last 4ESS was installed in 1999. Assuming nothing is interchangeable with the 5ESS (it very well could be; you'll see design decisions like that sometimes), it's possible the manufacturer is trouble finding components for repairs and new cards. Though considering Nokia currently holds pretty much all knowledge about it, top to bottom, I'd find it hard to believe they couldn't just do a limited run of more parts if they were up against the wall. They have a good enough business relationship with AT&T that they'd definitely do this if it was a problem. Considering Nokia end of lifed the 4ESS, my guess is AT&T specifically made some decision to phase it out. As I said before, the current executive leadership at AT&T has gone through a pretty huge ideological change. They've decided the only way for the company to survive is to make a frantic rush towards IP telephony, a very significant change with how they were run before. They've tried replacing the 4ESS with all sorts of things over the last couple decades; 5ESSes, DMS-250s, even some sort of weird custom switch in the nineties. For whatever reason though, that never panned out. In line with "everything needs to be IP right now" thinking, this is probably the best answer they could come up with.
  14. From the sound of it, I'm pretty sure that 800 number is sending an SS7 cause code that resets the DMS-100 line back to dialtone. There's a real number (866-202-9985) that'll do this to a lot of the DMS-100s in my area. I like the idea of looking for 800 numbers like that, though. For whatever it's worth, 1-800-333-3333 is a local ringout of some kind.
  15. On the DMS-100, I dialed 1800-444-4444 and it gave me a dialtone. I tried dialing an outbound number and it gave me reorder. I tried an inbound number to the 5ESS and it connected me to the NIS 5ESS message. I also tried dialing 1-800-437-7950 and it gave me the same results. It seems like those two numbers are some form of portal into the 5ESS. I tried the same thing from the 5ESS and it didn't work.
  16. "That customeh sure sounds like he's diallin' a lotta digits. How many digits are ya phone numbahs?"

    "Well, our phone numbers are 7 digits but to call 'em you first have to dial "1" plus "3-6-0" then the seven digit number".

    "At 25 cents a digit that ain't bad."

  17. Only mostly terrible. The upgrade and integration not forwarding the number correctly are my only Audix issues at present.
  18. I'm curious, why are the phone companies replacing the 4ESS like that? Are the originals getting too old?
  19. File not found error?
  20. From what I understand, Genband really, really doesn't like to do this, and will whine and drag their feet the whole way if you want to plug a C20 into old cards. As for the lifespan of the 5E/DMS/other TDM switches, the engineers running these things seem like they're ready to keep them in good condition for a long time, and big telcos freeze like deers in headlights whenever you ask them to invest money in anything. The real question is probably more regulatory than anything else; will the current crop of regulatory actors tell the local exchange carriers that they can walk away from their customers? And more importantly, will they be able to make that stick? I try not to dabble in politics too much here, but local exchange service would be caught up in the same legal battle as regulated trunking for CLECs, wholesale providers and other types. The lawyers from public interest groups, carriers with a lot of CLEC interests, etcetera would more than likely pile on quite fast. And this would be in addition to the cases accumulating from the net neutrality stuff. I think the economic incentive for that was a lot stronger because even ten years ago, there were only ~40 1AESSes, including three that belonged to Verizon. And that particularly project took them six years to complete. Phasing out the 1As probably gave AT&T legroom to stop paying Nokia for 1AESS support, let go of their specialized 1A staff (which is relative, I guess; I understand very few actually knew how they worked), and gave them the flexibility to not have to keep special practices ready for non-digital offices. Considering the much more readily available amount of knowledge, relative similarities between packet and digital circuit switches and sheer number of switches, it'd probably be of pretty limited financial - and certainly service benefits to start phasing circuit switched end offices out. If you want to save money on running a central office, there's probably much better ways to invest, like in solar power to offset the cost of powering everyone's phone line.
  21. 415-228-0016 - Modem [likely for MCI infrastructure] CONNECT --- Secure Sentinel - User Authentication --- Please Enter User ID -> 415-228-0052 - Modem CONNECT Fannie Mae GTACv6 Username: 415-228-0053 - MCI GETS forward 405-533-9995 - Plays two bursts of dialtone +44-1315-36-7777 - rec, "You have reached an imported test number on BT. Bianca Switch."
  22. Basically, it's there for login security. I think the VxWorks stuff in the orange card is to upgrade firmware for the circuit packs; the TN799 and 2501AP, for example, both have a microcontroller that runs VxWorks, and there's options in the user interface for sending firmware. These cards actually have an Avaya response to a fairly serious CVE: . That's a good question. I don't suppose "rpm -i *.rpm" is such a great answer, is it?
  23. HA
  24. I have been working on Facebook password, online generator. It makes a unique password that is hard to guess but easy to remember by permutating part the user's full email address and phone number. The funny thing is, people would actually use this with their Facebook email address. haha
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  26. Got Audix system how the hell do I install the service pack? Running the shell script just extracted the RPMs and did nothing...
  27. Oh that's fun Dial 1-800-555-1212 from the 5E and you get the "Integration test lab" voicemail box
  28. Yep - there are VxWorks strings in the MedPro it uses it for SOMETHING. Certainly not the main processor. That's 100% Oryx/Pecos. Certainly not in the manner of the Meridian - my 11C and Definity have radically different boot processes...;) Shoretel (and I think Mitel) have done VxWorks too. I need to find where the hell my Shoretel box went...might be across the bay. I wonder if I can pester someone now to see if they got the Computer Consoles Inc IP from Nortel if they ever had it... At least they're not Big Blue and their Guardians of the Mainframe Enforcers. Just upload it to first and link to it. I mean they have CompuServe's OS...;)
  29. Use this site to generate good passwords Password Generator
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