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Spewing forth more grumpiness about all things Apple... For a job I have a .mac account. No really, I do! I'm not paying for it but am advised to use it to transfer files to other people on the production crew (why we can't just use normal ftp is beyond me). So anyway, I use that email account to keep in touch with the people on the production (or post production, as the case may be) -- until the dark day that Apple decided to switc their service from ".mac" to "mobileMe".MobileMe is some kind of more-web-2.0-than-web-2.0 interface and was not in any way finished before it was released. The site is practically unusable on a Mac, and it's completely useless on Linux. Why? Because mobileMe checks what you're running, and so unless you disguise yourself with User Agent misinformation, you're not getting into your account from your Linux box.So when I first discovered this, I decided to go ahead and identify myself as another OS, and I chose Vista; logically that would be the one OS that Apple would discriminate against the most, right? They're classic arch enemies, everyone knows that. PC vs Mac and all that.Um, no, actually, Vista + IE 7 is fine. MobileMe licks that. Lets you right in. Linux OS with the kHTML based Konqueror? doesn't like that. Linux OS with Firefox? doesn't like that either.Bad decisions, Apple.In case you think I'm just ranting uselessly because I have betrayal issues with Apple, please don't just take my word for it. Refer to Apple themselves, who in an unprecedented move, is now blogging about the status of MobileMe, conceding that in fact, it's not ready for publc use yet:http://www.apple.com/mobileme/status/What's the worst part about this? Is it that they are discriminating against Linux? No. Big deal, what Linux user aside from me will ever go to mobileMe with the intention of signing in to use its services? (and no, even I won't be doing that any more in spite of what my fellow workers are saying; I'll just have all the mail forwarded to another address and use an ftp server and everyone else on the team will just have to learn how to get their Mac to talk FTP)Is it that Apple seems fine with Vista users over Linux users? Nah, who cares? Let the Vista users sign in freely; what's the difference between one Proprietary OS and another, really?The worst thing is that this shows a little about how Apple regards its customers. The .mac online service is sold as something that someone can use as their all-in-one online solution; email, webspace, and various media services. It costs money. The post production team I'm working with was relying on those services for a smooth workflow. It kind of hurt a little when all their email aliases disappeared on them. It also hurt when their email just went down at critical moments. It really hurt one guy when he had to re-install his entire OS because his OS refused to believe that the webDAV "iDisk" that he was paying for was actually his (he had to keep signing in as a guest, but then could only access the folder with guest access). But what hurts most of all, I think, is the realization that the data they are working really hard to produce, is in the hands of, and at the mercy of, this service. Something tells me we'll be migrating from that particular solution...

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