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configure vim

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I read on Roland Wolters blog a great tip that I am now placing in my own so it's handy.if you're on a system that's not working the way you want it to, then you may make a .vimrc file in your ~ directory with the following arguments:set laststatus=2syn onfiletype indent onset aiset nuset icand so on. whatever you like for your vim. Don't know what you like? probably whatever you're used to; go to your ~ and look for a .vimrc and grap a copy of it. Drop it onto a USB thumbdrive or whatever. It's just really handy to know, especially if you're dropped into a computing situation where the system isn't pre-configured the way you are used to it being configured. I got so used to how vim worked on most default linux systems that I was really thrown off when I was using vim on the Mac at work. Hence, this post.

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