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Linux on a Mac?

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I have to say that running Linux on a Mac laptop isn't necessarily the greatest way to run Linux. It's the best thing to happen to the Mac in its lifetime, I'm sure, but it's just not terribly pleasant for a few really minor reasons.There's no physical right-click. This is kind of Linux's fault for implementing the whole Right-Click thing, but it's also the Mac's fault for not just slitting the stupid trackpad button into two-halves already and providing for a right-click.Broadcom. These are the wireless cards Satan sent ot Earth to curse mankind, and for whatever reason, Apple uses them in their Airport-branded cards. Not only are they not versatile cards but they also don't have open drivers. Depending on how new or old the Broadcom chip is, it may be really hard or fairly easy to get it working.Keyboard. This might be a PC vs Mac thing that carries over into Linux vs * but after you get used to having thngs like "Insert" and "Print Screen" and useful keys like that on Linux, you start to miss them on a Mac running Linux. The Insert key especially makes it really easy to paste things into your terminal, so I miss that when I'm on a Mac using Linux.I think that's it. Otherwise they're great machines. I need to test drive A LOT more laptops with Linux before I start championing any platform for the job....although I will say my eeePC is pretty nice.

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