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GIMP wishlist

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I needed a place to keep track of GIMP shortcomings, and this is gonna be the place.To preface this: this is NOT a list of complaints or gripes, it's just a wishlist, and things that I notice are missing from GIMP that are present in Photoshop. I use GIMP exclusively, but I used to be Photoshop certified and I used it A LOT. When I'm recommending GIMP to people who are used to Photoshop, I figure it's good to know what's NOT there. Plus, if I ever get involved with the GIMP project, I'll have this nice list of improvements that could be made.This is also kind of a list that I might use if I ever get around to comparing Pixel with GIMP.But my primary goal is to list things that GIMP can add to their feature list so they can smash Photoshop once and for all :)So...1. Text tool needs HUGE improvement; shouldn't need a new dialogue box just to do text. Text should be able to be typed right into canvas. It's probably worth noting that this is pretty well implemented in Inkscape already, in which you can type into and manipulate the path of the text, live. However, even in inkscape you have to open up an entirely new dialogue box to try out new fonts.1a. Text bounding box - I want to restrict my text within a certain area and then be able to change the width and height of that area later on and have the text adjust with the new shape of the area.1b. Individual text attributes; if I have a long sentence and want one word in the middle of it to be italics and the word after it to be a different font, I should be able to do that without a huge workaround involving duplicating the text layer, deleting every word but the word I want to effect, etc..1-bottom line- Text tool really needs to be a little embedded text editor like gEdit or Kwrite or whatever. If it is not, then it is not a real text tool to be used for design. Not today, anyway. Photoshop has had a really dynamic text tool since version 7, and they're at the equivalent of 10 or 11 now.2. Dynamic Text transformation - text shouldn't need to be rasterized when being rotated or stretched or whatever.3. Mass deletion of layers - there should be a way to select two or three or ten layers all at once in the layer window, and delete them.4. Mass visibility of layers - even photoshop doesn't have this: select lots of layers, right click, and set as invisible or visible.5. layer grouping - should be able to place multiple layers into a layer folder.6. constrain selection tool dynamically. i know you can SET the selection tools to contrain themselves to a certain aspect ratio, and that works for me... but honestly it would work better if I could do that with the press of a key, in the moment.7. Ability to restrict movement to 15 degree angles - one should be able to hold some hotkey down (traditionally it's shift, in a lot of programs of varying types) to force the mouse to drag things only in straight lines within 15-degree angle increments. As far as I can tell, the only way to move something in an absolutely straight line is with arrow keys in GIMP. (I don't mean the paintbrush or pencil; I mean selection tools and move tool and things like that.)8. Single window interface. Again, learning from Inkscape (and I think the new Krita does this, too, although I ahven't tried it yet), the one window interface works really well. I wouldn't have known it, because of course photoshop is not a single window program either...but the multiple windows of gimp just get lost in the shuffle on all the monitors I use it on. I'm not saying lock anyone into a single window, but I think I'd like to try it. Palettes could be brough up as needed, tool bars would be quickly accessible. Something to try.9. more to come as i find things. i <3 gimp.

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