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The Empire couldn't afford Boba Fett??

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So whilst watching Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back for the nth time, I was relishing the scene in which Darth Vader and Boba Fett are discussing what might happen if Han Solo is killed by the Carbon Freeze process. And it struck me that with all the Empire's wealth, why didn't the Emperor just cut Boba Fett a big fat cheque so they wouldn't have to bother with the whole Han Solo thing, much less spend time arguing over who's gonna deal with Jabba the Hutt should Han Solo die during being frozen in carbonite. Well, I guess teh Empire was probably just like any other governing power and had a lot of red tape to get through. Vader was probably improvising when he brought in Boba Fett and wasn't sure if he could get the proper tax forms and stuff to actually employ Boba Fett. So I understand.And I still say that Boba Fett got out of that pit in ROTJ. We didn't see it, but he flew right back out and went on to have quite a few anarchistic, mercenary kind of adventures. Or am I stepping on someone's expanded universe?Well, back to the movie.

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