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Okay, I have finally gotten to the point where I'm using OpenSSL to create certificates. As much as I hate to just copy and paste stuff into a command line and press return, the tutorial I've been following has done a pretty good job of explaining along the way. At some point I am going to go back through the man page and see what the various options that I am invoking actually do... but for now, I did manage to get a couple client certificates set up, and one of them added itself to a Windows XP box successfully. Next step is to add the FreeRADIUS server cert and tweak the config files to accept my client certs.Last step will be to tell my WiFi AP to look at my FreeRADIUS server. I had tried that before (using a simple username/password setup) with a different FreeRADIUS server and it didn't work at all. I'm hoping that it will work better now that it's far more complex. :)Final step for me will be to go back and automate the certificate generating process, so I don't always have to bring up the tutorial and copy/paste the info in when I need a new certificate. Then maybe set it up as a web app.Or something.[Edit: Hm... somehow, this was saved as a Draft and never got published until now. Better late than never?]

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