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Senseless Destruktions of a Laptop

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A friend of a friend contacted me and asked where a laptop could be recycled.

I told him I would be glad to "recycle" the laptop for him and explained that I could put linux on it and it would be great. He warned me it was in bad shape but I didn't listen. People think computers are in bad shape the minute they can't sign onto AOL.

So I show up to pick up the latop and he brings out a brown paper shopping bag with the laptop in it and I look inside to see pieces of laptop. Shattered, crushed, torn asunder. Totally smashed. It was gruesome.

I asked him what had he done to it?

He told me that his computer expert friends told him to smash the hard drive to protect himself from internet hackers who might steal his identity I said oh.

Funny thing...someone dumb enough to smash a perfectly fine laptop instead of donating it to someone who can put it to good use is also too dumb to know wtf a harddrive is. Turns out he smashed everything BUT the harddrive. As I sorted through the pieces of the poor dead Dell, i find the ram chips and the harddrive both utterly untouched. Perfect condition.

Next step? Plug the harddrive into a sled and steal that guys identity. Now he's asked for it!

Well maybe not, but come on.... should we really be telling people to destroy their computer equipment for fear of the evil haxxors? There aren't college students out there who could use the computer? or kids in some part of your own town that could use it? What losers.

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