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slast art, fedora art, and the PLA

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Called out sick today because I didn't feel like going in to work, and as a result got A LOT done! Further proof that without pointless employment, a person can be quite productive:1. Played with mplayer, read lots of documentation (prep for next HPR episode..?)2. Did two or three spec boot screens and wallpaper art for slast, the live asterisk linux distro.3. Did a boot splash for the KDE 4 version of Fedora 9 and submitted that to the Fedora art team.4. Did a quick and very fun Phone Losers of America wallpaper...no reason...just did it.5. Posted episode 2x14 of Bad Apples.6. Got an email from a guy who once had a Fedora podcast; I may be taking that over.7. Got my NAB tickets in the mail, arranged for a cheap hotel.Yeah, it's good to not go to work.

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