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How the Nokia N800 made happy an unhappy iPhone owner

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Am I glad I "lost" my iPhone and got a Nokia N800 instead? Well, let's approach this logically, mathematically, scientifically. What can my Linux-powered Nokia N800 do that my iPhone could not? _COPY & PASTE_ Well, that alone would sell me on a Nokia over an iPhone. Copy and Paste (to say nothing of Cut) were kind of early computerized word processing capabilities that...well, are a standard feature in most everything computerized. Except the exciting, feature-packed, best-iPod-and-Cell-Phone-Ever-that-even-runs-OS-X iPhone. _Multimedia_ The iPhone may have been the "best iPod ever" according to Apple marketing, but in fact it was the worst multimedia player I have ever had to struggle against. Getting my music on the phone was a chore as it would only accept music that was in a specified iPhone-sync folder on my computer, and if those songs were to ever leave my computer and I made the mistake of syncing the iPhone, those songs also disappeared from my iPhone. So there is no option to just add one song to the iPhone; you sync it all or you don't sync. This means that those 6 or 7 gigabytes of multimedia I want to dump on my iPhone had better be on my computer...forever. And forget about getting stuff OFF the iPhone. Whereas other iPods were little portable harddrives, the iPhone is a one-way street. Not that Apple told anyone that....they just kept saying "it's the best iPod ever!" (without any of the same functionality!) The Nokia does it all. I can even download music and video from the web ONTO my N800, and then <Either I cannot spell or I am so unoriginal that I re-used a lame internet meme that has no value whatsoever to these forums and have been wordfiltered>ch them or listen to them - right then and there. I don't have to download to my computer first and then sync. I just download and <Either I cannot spell or I am so unoriginal that I re-used a lame internet meme that has no value whatsoever to these forums and have been wordfiltered>ch. _Access the File System_ This isn't just a hacker kind of thing, this is a question of accessing your own data easily. _Use Applications_ My choices for applications on the iPhone were a notepad from which I could barely extract my notes, and a online applications to which I did not care to commit my data. On the N800, I can download and use whatever application I care to use. _Camera_ There's a camera in the N800, and there was a camera on the iPhone. The only difference is that the Nokia's camera also does video. And web chat. _Customize_ On the iPhone, I had a weather widget and a stock quote widget and a YouTube? button. I had the option of adding a iTunes-Store button to take me to a storefront of DRM'd media I would never buy. And there was no way of getting rid of these pointless, useless features. On the N800, I can add apps, I can change themes, I can position buttons and menus and widgets. _Terminal_ The N800 has an easily accessible and robust terminal application, so I can practise Python coding on it. The iPhone has an Apple-condemned hack that will enable an OK terminal that overheats the phone's CPU whenever I used it. I could also practise Python on it. But if I used it, I ran the risk of breaking the phone if I ever chose to do an Apple-sanctioned software update. _Memory_ Two memory slots on the Nokia allows me to add as much memory as I want with SD cards and similar.....plus its onboard memory. The iPhone had 8gb. _IM_ I can IM from the Nokia. The iPhone featured a pay-per-use SMS txt messaging cleverly disguised as an IM application. Hm. _VOIP_ The Nokia N800 can make VOIP calls, including video-chat. The iPhone was a cell phone with web capability, but without VOIP or chatting ability and no video camera for video-chatting. _Free_ The N800 features free software that is expandable by anyone who can code. The iPhone has a weather widget and a stock quote widget and a notepad that lacks any normal text editing functionality. The N800 features software that is free. The N800 costs nothing beyond the initial price of purchasing the unit itself. The iPhone requires a monthly contract with AT&T in order to function (except for a 9-1-1 call). _Health_ The iPhone probably causes cancer to the brain. The N800 has been shown to reduce cancer. OK, so except for the last point, I think it's a pretty accurate summation of the whole iPhone vs. Nokia N800 Sorry, iPhone, you lose. Of course, it's not the iPhone's fault. Let's face it, if it had just come out as any other iPod had, no-one would have batted an eyelash. Some people would have bought it because they needed a phone, and that would have been that. But it was marketed as the best phone, the best iPod, and a device that runs OS X. What they might have said was that it was the best phone, with some iPod functionality, that runs a modified Darwin kernel and is compatible with Macs running OS X. The Nokia is billed as an internet tablet. Wow, the understatement of the year.

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