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Sleep Mode on an iBook G4 + Fedora 8

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Sleep Mode on an iBook G4 + Fedora 8Getting laptops to properly go to sleep is a notoriously difficult hurdle, but at least on my iBook G4 with Fedora 8 "Werewolf" it was as simple as installing a single little app. # yum install apmud apmud is the power management system for the PowerPC computers, and works like a charm. I close the lid. The iBook sleeps. I open the lid. The iBook awakens. === Bonus BinRev blog ONLY! material: ====One bug I have noticed, although have not really sat down to analyze when and why exactly it happens, is that some times the iBook won't be able to get back onto the network it was on before sleeping. Going into the terminal and typing % su% (enter your root password)# ifconfig wlan0 down# ifconfig wlan0 upgets you back online within seconds. Still, it's a bug, and I'm trying to follow the pattern so I can actually make the bug known to Fedora. All in all, it's no more bothersome than the little bugs Mac OS had when it would sleep and occasionally decide not to wake up.......in fact I'd much rather have to reset the wireless card than to have my computer just screw me out of any unsaved changes to data. So I guess in that way I'm much better off.

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