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I left my <3 in San Francisco

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I took a business trip to San Francisco a few weeks ago and I have to say it was one of my favorite cities ever. I have been to San Diego before and no offense to San Diegans (is that a word?) but it just didn't really stand apart from many other big cities that I have seen. That isn't a bad thing necessarily, just that there was nothing unique about it. Until this trip, San Diego was my limited experience of California. This trip has made me want to travel to Kali again.

The big difference was that San Francisco just had so much...character. It was just a city with such great history and personality. I would even say more than NYC! It had a great chinatown, but also a j-town (Japan town), and many other cultures represented as well. This place, more than any that I have seen in the United States, best represents our "melting pot" and acceptance of many different cultures. All cultures have their own identity and place where they can really express themselves but at the same time, people were mixed and living together in unison. No one was restricted or forced into a particular area. No one was looked down upon. No one was treated differently. This is what America is all about.

Here are a few pictures that I took, but I definitely want to go back and do a few more touristy things.

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atleast it appears you didnt get the plague during your visit to sanfrans china town, even though you fell in love with phailsaph :P.


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I'm glad you enjoyed your trip out to my domain. Did you score...you have the puggy, Bear look going. It is pretty popular especially during the colder months.

But seriously why did you tell dinscruge our secret, you know he can't keep his mouth shut...he loves to keep that mouth wide open...wonder why?hmmm.

But really seriously now, yeah, SF is pretty magical. However, that is everyone's first impression. I actually don't think that you would enjoy it after a while. It's really living off its past reputation as a mecca for the open minded, open hearted. Most people living in the city who own a home make more than you and I combined. The rest are young upper middle class kids who have moved out here since it is "trendy." These types only suck the culture away like parasites. Even places like Berkley are pretty closed. What has happened is now that all these places have become dominant centers competition rules rather than the culture that enticed people to flock out here in the first place. It's kind of hard to explain. But I think you get me. So people like yourself that purport to have things like values and principles would probably find people out here to be hypocrites, phonies, and, even, racists all under the guise of being open minded...gosh darn good people. See they drive a Prius and use Apple...oh boy they must be good people alright.

The only true mecca for the open minded is in the mind of a hacker...


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